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Airport failure: Transport advocacy group urges affected passengers to sue CAAP

The Passenger Forum - TPF

Commuter network The Passenger Forum today encouraged passengers of affected flights during the New Year’s Day airport outage to file for damages against the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

According to Primo Morillo, TPF Convener, “This is probably the worst New Year for Filipino air passengers. Instead of going back happy from festivities and family gatherings, they were greeted with flight delays and cancellations. Worse, as airlines are not to blame, they cannot get any compensation.”

Morillo explained that the country’s Air Passenger Bill of Rights, a joint administrative order of the Department of Transportation and the Department of Trade and Industry issued in 2012, only provides compensation when airlines are at fault.

“With this airport glitch, we cannot blame anyone but the government institutions in charge of ensuring the smooth operations of air traffic in the country. As the CAAP is a GOCC, they have their own funds and thus, they must pay for the damages incurred by their shortcomings,” Morillo said.

He added, “Overly delayed and cancelled flights result to cancelled events. It also means additional nights of hotel accommodation, food and other expenses. These are clearly things that demand damages.”

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