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Airport Media walk out of BOC-NAIA event for shabby treatment

Airport Press Club members
The APC members gathered outside the media affairs division of NAIA Terminal 1 following their walkout from the BOC-NAIA event.

MEMBERS of the in-house media covering the airport beat walked out of the Bureau of Customs-NAIA’s launching of the Customs ETravel held at the NAIA Terminal 1 due to shabby treatment.

The media members belonging to the Airport Press Club (APC) protested that while they were supposedly invited to cover the event, they were denied of a good spot to be able to see and document the entire proceedings.

The APC members also lamented that while they arrived 30 minutes before the slated start of the event which was 4 p.m. as stated in the invitation, the event actually began nearly an hour late.

The media, both in-house and non-in-house, were relegated to the back where they were cordoned off from the area where the speeches and video presentation were held.

A couple of burly Customs personnel were even posted at the space allotted for the guests’ entry, to prevent any media member from attempting to enter.

Notably, while the program went on, the media members had much difficulty taking pictures or videos since the guests inside the cordoned area were all standing, with some of them taking photos or videos of their own, thus blocking the only available open spot in the middle which had been occupied by TV cameras already way before the in-house media arrived.

Those who were posted elsewhere outside the cordon were no longer able to take shots or even watch the video presentation, as the guests’ heads blocked their view.

Since complaints aired to some Customs personnel present went unheeded, the APC members decided to just walk out of the event.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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