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Akyat Bahay member killed in QC encounter

A SUSPECTED member of the Akyat Bahay Gang was killed while his cohort was arrested during an encounter with the police in Quezon City on Monday.

The slain suspect was identified only as a certain allias “Ryan” while his alleged cohort identified as Gerry Boy Nuñez, 42, scavenger, is now detained at the PS-4 of QCPD.

A report gathered from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit of the QCPD showed that prior to the incident, operatives of PS-4 responded to the house of Erickson Tan in Barangay Gulod, Novaliches at around 6 p.m. after the CCTCV installed at Tan’s convenience store captured footages of two suspects sneaking into his store and to carrting away P600.

The policemen, together with the complainant were scouring the area on board their respective motorcycles when they spotted two men casually walking near the complainant’s house.

They were positively identified by the complainant as the who sneaked into his store.

Policemen were about to approach the suspects, but they ran away upon sensing the presence of the policemen.

A brief chase ensued until they were cornered.

However, the suspects drew their firearms and shot the policemen prompting the law enforcers to retaliate.

One of the suspects was fatally wounded. He was rushed to the Nova District hospital but to no avail.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight