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All-new character Adele, Aurora Castle event, and more arrive in MapleStory M’s festive December update

MapleStory M Adele

LOS ANGELES – Dec. 15, 2023 –MapleStory M, Nexon’s popular free-to-play mobile MMORPG, is celebrating winter in style with the release of a new character, the High Flora of Grandis and honorable knight Adele, Aurora Castle and more updated content in the game’s December 2023 update. In celebration of the holiday season, MapleStory M has also put together a gift basket of new content, including the 2023 Year-End greetings event and a 2024 Countdown.

Mobile Maplers will embark on a magical journey with the introduction of the enchanting new class, Adele. Various exciting rewards come with Adele’s introduction, including bonuses and growth support, as well as login rewards such as an extra character slot coupon, auto-battle charge ticket, whetstone, and a pet box to help users grow their character.

Adele also offers a Growth Mission Event, offering more rewards for Mobile Maplers who level up and complete specific challenges. A special event, the Mega Burning Plus Event, lets players select another character to earn an additional two levels (up to a maximum of 140) every time Adele levels up – all jobs are selectable. Players will also receive rewards and EXP for selected characters every time Adele levels up.

MapleStory M’s latest update will also include a special event where players can explore the mysterious Aurora Castle over the sea. Maplers will be able to participate in various mini-games/events to earn the following rewards:

  • Coin Drop and Shop: Players can earn event coins through a daily hunting event and purchase various items using event coins.
  • Bang Bang Bang! Aurora Gem: A puzzle mini-game where players shoot gems on the map, eliminate them, and earn points, similar to Bust-A-Move.
  • Daily Auto-Battle: An event to earn rewards based on daily Auto-Battle time, a new mini-game with added blocks, and a health system.
  • Reverse Battle: A minigame that adds blocks, stamina system, and more.
  • What Brings You to My Home?: A quiz mini-game where players locate NPCs not on the guest list in the Aurora Castle.
  • Leo’s Exploration Journal: A daily mission clearance event where players complete daily missions to earn event coins.
  • Renee’s Magic Orb: Players can accumulate gauge on their main character by hunting and retrieving EXP points with a sub-character.
  • Mr. Kim’s Gift: A reward receivable when visiting Mr. Kim during the event period.
  • Rainbow Rush: A mini-game where players run as far as possible within the time limit while avoiding obstacles.
  • First Purchase Event: First purchase bonus with efficient rewards during the event period.
  • Star Bridge: A mini-game where players connect the stars to form constellations based on the shape displayed.

Further updates include the addition of Adventure Training Ground, where players can quickly level up their character to level 100, Auto-Play for Epic quests, the release of Beauty Award-Winning hair and plastic surgery coupons and a holiday home theme. Changes include the reduction of hyper stat level up costs and an adjustment of Guild Fort Battle entry method where the first user who enters will obtain permission to select Golem.

The 2023 Year-End Greeting Event will share high-value rewards with players as they log in between Dec. 29 and Jan. 7 PST as a thank you to all the Maplers. Check out MapleStory M’s official YouTube channel for more details.

MapleStory M’s 2024 countdown will begin on Dec. 20 PST and extra special rewards will be available from the event map on New Year’s Day. Players will be able to enter a special countdown map to celebrate the New Year. Gather EXP points, daily rewards and join in on the festivities as we say goodbye to 2023 and hello 2024!

Return to MapleStory M, experience the new updates, upcoming events, and explore the Aurora Castle Event!

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