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All-out war for justice and peace in ‘A Soldier’s Heart’s’ last two weeks

A Soldier's Heart

THE chaos and terror in Alex’s (Gerald Anderson) life will finally come to an end as he goes to war against his brother and mortal enemy Saal (Sid Lucero) and vows to seek justice and finally gain peace in the last two weeks of “A Soldier’s Heart.”

After the death of his father Dante (Rommel Padilla), Alex realizes that there is no other way to end his brother’s wicked plans but to take him down himself. Along with Abe (Carlo Aquino), Michael (Nash Aguas), Benjie (Yves Flores), Phil (Jerome Ponce), Jethro (Elmo Magalona), and Lourd (Sue Ramirez), they will do everything to crush the rebel group and save Elmer (Vin Abrenica).

They face more danger as they get closer to Saal’s camp, but this will not deter them from pushing on and accomplishing their final mission.

Will they succeed to achieve peace amidst armed conflict?

Since January, viewers have praised the story of “A Soldier’s Heart,” which realistically portrayed the plight of soldiers and their bravery to be in the service of the country.

The show’s lead star Gerald said that it is a privilege to be part of the show that celebrates the lives and sacrifices of soldiers.

“If you believe strongly in one thing, you will fight for it. The soldiers are our warriors, they help us sleep peacefully at night. We have high respect for our soldiers,” said Gerald.

The youngest member of the cast, Nash, shared he learned so much while working in the series, which he considers a humbling experience.

“Soldiers are the humblest and most selfless people I ever encountered. Their perspective in life is admirable. I am in awe,” Nash shared.

The series also became an avenue to tackle pressing issues such as the misconception about the Muslims and how much terror and trauma war brings to their lives.

“This is one of the only shows in my entire career that I experienced this. We know little about the Moro’s side, and they are not so different. It’s a beautiful culture. I am so happy that we are able to celebrate that culture,” said Sid, who plays a Muslim character.

The show also touched the topic of sexuality with Yves’ character, which proved that serving the country is genderless. Sue’s character on the other hand, embodied the strength and bravery of Filipino women.

Viewers can catch “A Soldier’s Heart” weeknights on Kapamilya Online Live and Kapamilya Channel at 9:20 PM.