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ANDREAH: So Far Away, but close to our hearts


ANDREAH, the Irish-Filipina singer-songwriter behind the song “So Far Away” and the artist who opened for The Script Live in Manila Concert 2022.

ANDREAH came to Manila from her trip from Hong Kong. She went straight to the hotel to prepare herself for her first guesting of her 2-day stay here in the Philippines: Wish bus. Her guesting was a success as she was able to share about her music and later on perform her latest single, So Far Away which was released on that very day and her most popular song, Best Friend.

ANDREAH and Sophia
ANDREAH and Sophia, her guitarist, on Wish 107.5 Bus guesting.

She was able to captivate the Eton Centris crowd who, prior to her performance, were merely people going about their businesses. But 2 songs later, they are now new fans of ANDREAH. She then capped off her day with a quick drive-thru at her favorite Filipino restaurant chain on the way to her band rehearsals.

ANDREAH with a fan
ANDREAH and a fan who took a photo together.


ANDREAH guesting on Showtime
ANDREAH inside her hotel room while guesting on Showtime Online U via Zoom.

She conducted her guesting remotely at her hotel and she was able to perform and talk about what her new song, So Far Away was about. She shared with the host that it was written about another person who she wants to be somewhere far away with.

ANDREAH during soundcheck at MOA Arena
ANDREAH during soundcheck, hours before her live performance at MOA Arena to open The Script concert.

After this, she proceeded to the venue of the concert, which was organized by Wilbros live and Midas Promotions, where she and her band did soundcheck. They made sure that the show would run smoothly and free from technical difficulties. Hours before the start of the show, the people are slowly filling the seats and as ANDREAH and her band are preparing to take the stage, they are greeted by the sound of a sold out Mall of Asia Arena crowd.

ANDREAH performing at MOA Arena
ANDREAH performing her songs at The Script Live in Manila concert at MOA Arena.

ANDREAH made sure to make the most out of her 25-minute set as she wowed the crowd with her songs namely, Magic, Let Me Go Easy, Feels Just Right, Best Friend, and her latest single which she performed live for the first time: So Far Away.

ANDREAH showing her setlist
ANDREAH showing her setlist for the concert.

The fans then showered ANDREAH with their applause after her performance as she went backstage where her and the band’s families and friends were waiting for them to celebrate their successful performance.

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