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Angelica takes potshots at MTRCB

ANGELICA Panganiban leads industry denizens who quickly put their foot down on the proposal of the MTRCB to regulate streaming channels like Netflix and iFlix. Many directors, writers and producers have also strongly expressed their resistance over the idea.

In her social media account, this is what Angelica wrote: “Grabe na. Pati streaming gusto nang pakialaman. Papatayin niyo na talaga ang industriya. Inuna niyo ang free tv. Bukas pag gising natin, North Korea na ito. Tinatamaan ba kayo? Kasi masyadong malapit sa totoong buhay ang napapanood niyo?”

Angelica is about to start taping a new soap for ABS-CBN which is now seen online on digital channels. This is the new drama series titled “Walang Hanggang Paalam”, where she co-stars with Zanjoe Marudo, Arci Munoz and Paulo Avellino. As usual, in these days of the new normal, they will do a locked in taping and their chosen location is Subic, where they will stay for two weeks.

Going back to the MTRCB proposal to regulate streaming sites, a director said this is just a ploy of MTRCB to gain back the revenue that they lost since there is no more movie industry now because of the lockdown. He added that they surely lost a lot of the past income they used to generate from reviewing motion pictures and this undoubtedly affects their operations.

Meantime, many netizens feel that the MTRCB is now actually outdated because modern technology has overtaken it through the years. They cannot cope anymore with streaming, youtube, the internet, which are all just quite impossible to monitor.

As one netizen wrote: “The internet has made censorship obsolete. It’s now so easy to access even porn online and it’s available to everyone as there are so many sites for all kind of sexual orientations! Producers no longer produce sex movies because why would viewers pay to watch them in theaters when they can now watch X rated films for free. Has there been a noticeable rise in sex crimes since porn has become so prevalent since the advent of the internet?”

And another netizen wrote: “The laws for censorship were made decades ago, when the world was young and more innocent. They should scrap it now as it has become useless and only a burden for industry people who are already so burdened and crying from so many problems including onerous taxes.”

What do you think, dear readers? Do we still need the MTRCB or not? Tell us your opinion.

Just a few bite BB’s bait

BB Gandanghari continued airing her vlog about Piolo Pascual last weekend. Again, it’s infernally long and it all boils down once more to her previous claim that it’s Piolo who seduced Rustom Padilla, who even insists he was never in the closet!

BB says: “This kind of interaction for Rustom was not even a gay relationship, that’s why I was very very clear from the onset. For him, this was really just a love story. It was not a gay relationship but it was actually love, he was seeing love from the point of view of a man towards a man.”

Sounds like someone who is clearly still in denial. BB now revealed in her latest episode that it’s even Piolo who took Rustom to a motel. But she claimed nothing really malicious happened between them. They just slept.

Yeah, right! Who does he expect to believe him? People were not just born yesterday. When asked why he is doing this tell all story, he said: “Because now, I’m saying my story. Why? Why are you asking? There’s no why.”

But why is he outing other people? “If you think what I’m doing is I’m outing some people, I wanna repeat what I’ve said, this experience will not define anyone, Jonathan or David (which is how he refers to himself and Piolo), because it’s what you do in your everyday life that will define you, and not just one experience. Okay? Buksan natin ang mga mata natin doon.”

But sadly, the fact remains that it looks like people are no longer interested in what BB has to say. That episode about Piolo never went into trending and only got 40,000 views on Youtube. This is miniscule compared to the millions of hits that Youtube queens Ivana Alawi and Alex Gonzaga get from their innocuous posts.

Maybe because his rants are so long and he should have edited it to a more manageable and watchable length, unless he wants to be the Lav Diaz among vloggers. As some observes say, “hindi kinagat si BB.”

As a matter of fact, the general public reaction on her vlog is negative. Some quarters accuse her of just using Piolo to be talked about, to get more hits for her vlog and increase its subscription, endorsements and for him to have more revenue, but sadly, this didn’t happen at all.

A nasty basher even wrote something quite filthy for BB: “Pakant_t ka na lang sa pw_t on screen at baka mas marami pang manood sa vlog mo.” Obvious na “parang binababoy siya.” This is a clear indication that netizens are not at all taking him seriously, even those who are fond of gossip about celebrities.

As what Director Joey Reyes commented on this so succinctly: “This is really sad. And unfair. Choices made by people in their private lives- even for public properties like celebrities- are theirs to keep. Violating one’s privacy – especially confidentiality given in the name of the trust in friendship or whatever – does not speak well of those whose secret may have been unwittingly exposed but of the party who crossed the line and said too much which is beyond his or her territory or narrative.”

Publication Source :    People's Journal
Mario Bautista
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