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Angkas, Joyride should absorb riders in case of a Move It ban – Commuter Group

The Passenger Forum - TPF

Transport advocacy network The Passenger Forum today asked the government’s Technical Working Group on Motorcycle Taxis to allow other motorcycle taxi firms to absorb riders that will be displaced by the House of Representatives’ recommendation to ban ride-hailing app Move It from operating MC taxis in the National Capital Region.

According to TPF Convener Primo Morillo, “If Congress wants to punish Move It, commuters should be spared of the unintended effects of not having a ride or waiting too long to book a motorcycle taxi. The move to ban Move It should include a provision that redistributes, albeit probably for the meantime, the MC taxi slots they have.”

The HOR’s Metro Manila Development Committee has recommended banning motorcycle ride-hailing app Move It – an alleged instrument to the backdoor entry of Grab to the MC taxi industry– from operating in Metro Manila due to several violations.

Morillo noted that the lack of transport options remains a problem in Metro Manila and other urban centers nationwide. “This is the primary reason ride-hailing apps are successful in the country. This is also why we are wary of the move to ban an app without a clear plan on how to allow riders, set to be displaced by the move, to continue serving passengers,” he added.

Move It, Angkas, and Joyride are the three firms currently allowed by the government to operate motorcycle ride-hailing apps while proposals to legalize motorcycle taxis are still pending in Congress.

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