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Anti-cybercrime cops launch hunt for fake PNP chief

AGENTS of the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group hunting down an online scammer posing as PNP chief General Debold M. Sinas to victimize unsuspecting people using a fake Sinas Facebook account.

The discovery of the fake PNP chief Facebook account prompted the PNP leadership to warn netizens of the presence of the online poser engaged in estafa and swindling activities using the fake Sinas Facebook account.

The Facebook account with the name Debold Sinas (FB ID 100057952810402) with URL: https://www.facebook.com/debold.sinas.33 is a fake, Gen. Sinas told the public.

“That’s not me, I do not have a personal webpage or social network account except the official PNP webpage at www.pnp.gov.ph and the official PNP Facebook page which are the only authorized platforms for social network correspondence with the Chief, PNP,” the top cop said.

The PNP-ACG was instructed by Gen. Sinas to conduct a thorough investigation and to initiate appropriate legal action against the creators and owners of this fake social networking account.According to the PNP-ACG, , the bogus account had an earliest public posting on November 25, 2020 and latest public posting on December 12, 2020.

The account has only three public photos posted including the standard photo of the Chief, PNP for command activities and the donning of ranks in the Malacañang Palace with President Duterte.

PNP-ACG officials said the account is active via messenger where the suspect communicates directly to unsuspecting victims whose request for favors or assistance the poser promises to act on in exchange for monetary compensation for his alleged personnel who will process the requests.

The creator and owner of the fake account may be held liable for Computer-Related Identity Theft under RA 10175 — with the Chief PNP as complainant — and for violation of Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code for Swindling/Estafa upon the complaint of victims, said PNP spokesperson Brigadier Gen. Ildebrandi N. Usana.

“The use of Chief, PNP’s name, photos and other items appearing to be attributed to his person was apparently a devious act by unscrupulous individuals using the social media to malign the PNP top leadership,” the PNP spokesman said.

“We also advise FB account holders and the netizens to be prudent, discerning and judicious at everything they see in the social media. Some of the things seen in social media do not anymore reflect the truth and legitimacy of the information and tend to destroy the reputations of innocent individuals,” Brig. Gen. Usana told the Journal Group.