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Apple’s AirPods Pro Review


Apple’s Pro line usually is focused on more powerful versions and size-up components such as the computers: the MacBooks and iMacs. However, in 2019, the company led by Tim Cook brought the luxurious refinements embedded with the Pro devices to the iPhone 11, released in September. And now the nomenclature also names another successful product: the new AirPods Pro.

Their new portable headphones come with three silicone tips that accompanies the pair to ensure a more secure and comfortable fit to the ear. In addition, to avoid any discomfort, Apple says that the AirPods Pro has an opening made to prevent air accumulation inside the ears that could cause the sensation of pressure, as with other brands.

And unlike previous AirPods, the new models are sweat and water resistant, which should help those who use them indoors, or at the gym. This means they will last longer than some baseball MLB postseason records.

Generally speaking, the sound quality from the AirPods Pro delivers superior sound quality than Adaptive Equalization, which automatically adjusts low frequencies and music media to the individual taste and ear function.

The high dynamic range amplifier produces crisp, clear sound, allowing for longer battery life and power or low distortion, high-amplitude custom speaker driver that optimizes audio quality and eliminates ambient noise. The driver delivers sound quality and consistency, up to 20Hz and detailed mid and high-frequency audio.

With the new Ambient mode, users can listen to music while still listen to surrounding noises. This mode allows the user’s voice to sound natural while the audio continues to play perfectly on, explained by the pressure equalizing air inlet and outlet system and advanced software that controls the optimal level of noise cancellation.

Switching between Ambient and Active Noise Canceling modes is simple with the new AirPods Pro rod force sensor. Play, pause, skip tracks, and answer or hang up phone calls are now easier. It is also possible to press the volume control on the iPhone and iPad Control Center to control settings, or on Apple Watch by tapping the AirPlay icon during song playback.

The performance and size of AirPods Pro is possible by the System in Package design. The H1 chip’s 10 audio cores controls audio playback and Siri interactions.

The H1 chip’s extremely low audio processing latency enables real-time noise cancellation, delivers high quality sound using adaptive technology, and fulfills Siri requests using the “Hey, Siri” feature all at all times.

The AirPods Pro offer a battery life similar to the regular AirPods. You can use it during five hours of audio playback. Besides, with Active Noise Canceling mode, AirPods Pro has four and a half hours of playback and up to three and a half hours of talk time on single-charge calls.

By making additional charges in the wireless charging case, AirPods Pro can provide over 24 hours of audio playback or over 18 hours of talk time on calls while charging through the battery case via lightning port.

Finally, Tip Snap Test helps ensure the best audio experience with AirPods Pro by testing seal quality and identifying the best size option for each user. After putting the AirPods Pro in your ears, advanced algorithms work in conjunction with your headset microphones to measure the level of sound in your ear and compare it with what’s coming from the speaker driver. With a blink of an eye, the algorithm detects if the tip size is accurate and if the headset is well seated, or if other adjustments are required to improve sealing.

The Pro version, however, comes with a much higher price. With sales started on the 30th of October in the US, the value is $250 and may be ordered from the Apple Store app in the US and over 25 other countries and regions. For Philippines’ customers, the price is estimated at P9,490; P11,790 if bought with the wireless charging case.

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