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Aquino couple strikes again

Dennis Aquino and Ecel Bono
Aquino couple: Gold and silver.

THE Aquino couple of karate did it again.

Philippine Karate League (PKL) founder and head master Dennis Aquino and Ecel Bono captured the gold and silver medals in the 2020 Sadguru Master Cup International Karate Online Kata Championship held last May 3-June 14.

Aquino bested 20 other participants to clinch the gold in the 46-55 years old category in the eight-nation, three-category competition.

The Filipino champion scored 37.2 in the first round when he performed Matsumora Bassai, 22.52 score in the second round for the Seipai Kata , 23.66 score in semifinals for the Kata Gojushiho.

He did Nipaipo Kata in the finals and was adjudged as champion in his category

“We’re very happy to  win again and bring more honors to our country,” Aquino told People’s Tonigt in an online message.

“The Sadguru Masters Cup is a very prestigious competition  with a lot of good karate champions from eight countries in attendance,” added Aquino.

Not to be outdone was Ecel Bono Aquino, the PKL vice president for administration and secretary-general of PSKF Shitokai, who snatched the silver medal over a strong field.

The event attracted participants from India, UAE, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Venenzuela, Spain, Japan and the Philippines.

They were divided into three categories: 35-45, 46-55 and 56-65 years old.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight