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Arrogant Cash & Carry cashier vs Laudable bagger

BEFORE closing time on February 17, a couple bought some items from the grocery at the Cash & Carry supermarket in Makati City.

Since most of the cashiers have been closed, the security guard directed some of the customers to line up at Cashier 1 where the line was shorter than the rest of the handful of cash lanes that remained open.

In the said lane, there was a sign that read “12 pieces or less”. When it was the couple’s turn, the lady cashier refused to punch in two remaining items and pointed to the said sign in all arrogance. The way she made her point was like telling the customers they are stupid so as not to be able to read the sign.

The couple was aghast since considering there were two of them, they should have been allowed to purchase 24 items in all. This was over and above the fact that the security guards themselves have already directed those with more than 12 items to buy to line up in the same cashier since it was already closing time and there were no more people doing their shopping inside the grocery.

Simply said, the guards merely balanced the number of people lining up in each remaining open cashier so that they will finish all at the same time. Their decision was correct and practical. Apparently, the lady cashier would not want to be ruled over by the guard whom she probably thought was lower in rank than her. She insisted on her power trip so the couple told her to void the transaction so that they could split the 14 items they had bought and for her to tell the others with more than 12 items to leave the line as well. When she finally relented as the couple cited the guards’ decision and the guards confirmed it, it was noticeable how she smirked and never apologized at all for her behavior. It was such a shame that the bagger at that time was the one who apologized repeatedly on her

All along, she heard the bagger apologizing and yet she never said a thing or even looked the couple’s way. It was the height of arrogance and disrespectful behaviour. Considering the few number of shoppers that go there specially since the pandemic began, I’m sure the management of Cash & Carry would rather treasure every customer that comes their way. With or without pandemic, every customer must be treated as valuable by any and all establishments. In the case at hand, plain common sense should have been applied. The cashier should have realized that the couple could have purchased the 14 items separately to meet the ’12 pieces or less’ sign that she was insisting on.

This would have, however, meant a waste of time, effort and even receipt at the expense of Cash & Carry, all because the cashier wanted to impose her ‘authority’ and for power tripping purposes.

Maybe the said cashier is not too happy with her job that she wants to lessen the already few number of customers doing their shopping there. This or she simply doesn’t care if customers would be driven to shop elsewhere because of her attitude. On the contrary, the bagger at that time displayed humility and probably saw the nonsensical attitude of the cashier that he himself apologized several times for a mistake and offensive behavior he did not make. If only for this, that bagger is highly commendable. At least he knows how to think straight and get a full grasp of the situation.

Cashiers deal directly with shoppers who keep establishments alive and kicking specially during a pandemic like what we have now. They deserve to be treated with respect and at very least, to a ‘friendly service.’

If all cashiers at the Cash & Carry are like the ones we mentioned here, it means that the management does not make good manners and right conduct a priority and if this is so, it should not engage in the kind of business that deal directly with people. Duh.


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Itchie G. Cabayan
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