Your lucky forecast in the Year of the Pig

January 02, 2019
But since the ruling element of the Earth Pig is Water, then that would mean fragile events may come to any people without Fire and Water element in their birth sign. The Earth element of the Pig has strong Water element below it and that means the strong current could easily wash away any good opportunities that may come and without the Fire element that would solidify the Earth, everything is unstable. That means they need support of people with Fire element in their birth sign.

Year of Brown Pig: Best Time to Invest, Make Money

January 02, 2019
Pig is the 12th animal or the last of 12 animals who crossed the river and arrived at the Emperor’s Palace. Though this sign has destructive and offensive traits, in overall, the year of the Pig would attract success in all the aspects of life especially to animal signs with Water element.

Local LGUs oppose civil registry centralization

December 31, 2018
Local mayors in Northern Samar and the City Council in Candon City passed separate resolutions expressing strong opposition to House Bill No. 7695 or An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Civil Registration System and Reorganizing the Local Civil Registry System saying it negates the spirit of decentralization.