An open letter from the youth

December 14, 2018
LAST week I shared with you in this column excerpts from the CBCP Pastoral Letter vis-à-vis the official opening of the Year Of The Youth for 2019 as part of the continuing the 9-year preparation for the 500th year of evangelization of the Philippines come 2021. Intrinsic to our ongoing reflection on the young of our country, allow me to share with you some citations from a thought provoking open letter collectively written by the CBCP-ECY delegates on the mindset of our Filipino youth today:

Christmas and 2019 elections

November 30, 2018
IT’S December 1 and our Christmas preparations are all in full gear. But if our Christmas festivities were done under normal circumstances the “doubt” of associating the acts of public generosity with political mileage would not be an issue. But in a politically charged environment one could not be blamed to distrust the ploy of a grand public relations propaganda masking itself in the form of publicly witnessed charitable work during this yuletide season. To some great extent Christmas has been used to legitimize “vote buying” in the guise of gift-giving and generous works.

Team Cleanfuel, Formula V1 champs

November 23, 2018
OVERCOMING wet weather conditions, Luis Gono of Team Cleanfuel emerged as the titleholder in the third and final round of the 2018 Formula V1 challenge held at the Clark International Speedway. Under the unfavorable weather, 14 racers battled to snag a spot on the podium and get a chance to compete in the international Formula V1 cup in Fuji, Japan.

Church and State partnership

November 09, 2018
The church and State both work for the common good and for the good of every person. They have to respect each other’s legitimate independence or autonomy and each other’s way of achieving the common good and the total development of every human person. Precisely because of this unity of mission, church and State have to collaborate with each other.

Walk the talk

October 26, 2018
EVER since we first tasted the “fruits of democracy”, Filipinos have always waged the call for responsible government from all walks of life with zest, vigor and rhetorical eloquence. And as such, being part of the body politic avidly seeking for government reforms, it should likewise follow that we should give serious consideration in making the call for responsible citizenship as our continuing and collective mantra. But as good as this concept is in paper, could this really be a conceivable reality in our country today?

Fuel saving tips

October 12, 2018
FOR the ninth consecutive week we experience an increased in gasoline prices; and for the seventh week in the increase for diesel. For this week alone oil companies have raised gasoline prices by P1 per liter, diesel by P1.45 and kerosene by P1.35 per liter. Such substantial increases came in the wake of Brent crude’s price hitting a four-year high last week.

What kind of giver are you?

October 05, 2018
OUR 2019 polls is just around the corner, this means that once again an abundance of gifts for the Christmas Season can be expected. But how can we truly appreciate these acts of giving free from the politicking, which goes side-by-side with it?

An interview with God

September 28, 2018
“CALL to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known” (Jeremiah 33:2). As we continue our journey in life, God is always calling us to follow him through His words and through faith. In spite of our many sins, God never gives up on us and continuously shows us His light and grace.

Public awareness on Federalism

September 22, 2018
AMID the growing public discourse on the envisioned shift to a Federal form of government, Radio Veritas (the Catholic Flagship Radio Station in the Philippines) just recently released its latest Veritas Truth Survey (VTS) on the Issue of Federalism.

Arrest the inflation, not the irritation

September 15, 2018
LAST week we had two big back-to-back news stories -- On September 4, we witnessed how Proclamation 572 voided the amnesty granted to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Then the following day (September 5), the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) announced the latest inflation or the increase in the prices of goods which climbed to another 9-year high, hitting 6.4% in August 2018. Considering the political and social ramifications of these two news items I consulted a good friend of mine, Atty. Howard M. Calleja (PPCRV’s chief legal counsel), and here is what he explained: