Responsibility in social media

January 19, 2020
WE live in rapidly changing times, thanks to the technological wonders of internet and social media. As fast as we can click and send, we can broadcast messages to friends, relatives and to just about anybody, anywhere in the world. This despite the fact that Philippines remains the slowest and most expensive – in terms of connectivity – in this part of the world.

Muntinlupa @ 102

December 22, 2019
ON Muntinlupa’s 102nd founding anniversary last week, Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi reiterated the city’s thrust towards sustainable growth and development. On his anniversary speech at the jampacked Muntinlupa Sports Center, Fresnedi dwelt at length on education and development of human resource as the main pillars of the city’s sustainability.

90 and above

December 15, 2019
LAST Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the birthday celebration of Dr. James Dy. At 90, Dr. Dy has no plans of retiring any time soon. In an interview with Fun Magazine, the well known philanthropist-businessman said:

Let the facts speak

December 08, 2019
Allow me to present “My Side”, meaning Manila Water Side. In the interest of full disclosure, let me state that I am an Independent Director of Bank of the Philippine Islands which is related to Manila Water by virtue of their common ownership by Ayala.

All clear!

December 01, 2019
AS early as 23 July 2019, Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi created Task Force Discipline (TFD) to assist the local government “to maintain peace and order, and preserve the comfort and convenience of its inhabitants”.

Ganito kami noon

October 27, 2019
I WAS raised inside the Bureau of Prisons reservations in Muntinlupa. I studied at the Itaas Elementary School and later at the Muntinlupa National High School. I grew up with children of prison employees. I knew and interacted with prisoners up close. One of them, I found out many years later, was a convicted cop killer.