Transforming lives 2

I WAS very happy to be invited to the “moving up and recognition day” of the Birthright Educators Foundation, Inc. last April 26 and to witness the significant strides that the school has made since its founding in 1993.

Think before you tweet

April 28, 2019
As fast as we can click and send, we can broadcast messages to friends, relatives and to just about anybody, anywhere in the world. This despite the fact that Philippines remains the slowest and most expensive — in terms of connectivity—in this part of the world.

No. 2 Kabayan

April 21, 2019
DURING the long holiday, I had the very pleasant opportunity to re-connect with my former staff in Congress. Ron Salo was hired on the spot by my then chief of staff, Atty. Patricia A.O. Bunye, based on an impressive resume and an obvious drive to succeed. Not to mention, he was at that time, from Bayanan, Muntinlupa City.

Muntinlupa City @ 24

March 03, 2019
AT 24, Muntinlupa City is one of the youngest cities in the Philippines. But it has already become one of the most competitive in terms of local governance, financial administration, infrastructure and quality of life for its more than half a million residents.

Father Rocky’s Street Children

January 20, 2019
Years ago, they were malnourished, shabby, and frightened children whom Father Rocky Evangelista rescued from the streets. The good priest took them under his care at the Tuloy Foundation hoping to transform them into responsible contributing members of society.

A sea of garbage

January 13, 2019
THE recently concluded Traslacion has established newer records of sorts – the longest procession, the best attended, the most organized, the least number of injured persons reported.

How do you deal with a bully like China?

December 31, 2018
The Ateneo Junior High student who kicked his schoolmate in the face was himself kicked out by school authorities after an investigation into the incident. The Taekwondo black belter was also sanctioned by the Taekwondo Association. Henceforth, he will not be allowed to compete in any officially approved competition unless he undergoes some form of rehab.