Hiding the truth

December 10, 2018
Things have gone haywire. The biggest offenders of corruption have shifted to the hands of the local government officials, as we were informed by other residents in our area.

Martial Law extension

December 07, 2018
Allow me to ask some questions why there are those who oppose the Martial Law extension in Mindanao. We all know that the State has the duty and obligation to keep the country and its people safe. But how come, the majority of those opposing are Manila-based; and from other provinces other than Mindanao?


December 03, 2018
I don’t profess to have the solution on how to stop the importation of garbage including medical wastes which is so dangerous to health for it can contaminate the people through rats that feed on these wastes and pass on the diseases to the nearby homes and infect its residents.

What’s this ‘E-Title’?

November 30, 2018
I went to the LRA to know more about it. Most of the Filipino-Chinese property owners together with many others are scampering to convert their old titles into computerized ones called “E-Titles.” I talked to my insider friends who actually warned me not to bother for this E-Titles” has not been passed nor approved by the Supreme Court; and as such, it’s on voluntary basis at your own risk.

Republic Acts 10066 and 4850 (2)

November 27, 2018
I call on Secretary Año to please allow us to see the records of the past Barangay Captain Flores for we have been told by the new Barangay Captain and her Kagawads na ‘yong Barangay Captain Flores lang daw ang pumirma nong permit to demolish the ancestral home of my parents. No Kagawad signed at all, according to Barangay Captain Camille David and her Kagawads when they came to my house to thank me for the help I extended, not in money nor any material support, but solely based on my endorsement; and won.

Republic Acts 10066 and 4850 (1)

November 26, 2018
There are architects and contractors who have disregarded the Republic Act 10066 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2009. Even the courts seem not to pay attention to this Republic Act when it comes to disputes.

Fair warning

November 23, 2018
I am doing this to serve as fair warning to overstaying appointees of the Aquino regime whose presence are still strongly felt in the different government departments and agencies. So many awry things of the past regime are still alive and kicking; destroying this present dispensation from within; and if I may say, “succeeding.” Parang walang nagbago. ‘Yong masama ang ugali noong nakaraan na rehimen, ay ginagawa pa rin ang dati nilang gawain; at mas masahol pa. It’s the height of hypocrisy ang mga nasa poder noon at naririyan pa rin kasi itong liberals noon ay pumapanig ngayon (albeit artificially) kay President Duterte for their own convenience, for themselves, at the expense of the President and the people.

For all to know

November 16, 2018
Last Wednesday, November 14, we in the neighborhood were notified the day before by the newly elected Barangay Captain, Mrs. Camille Malig-David that there is a public hearing to be conducted by the Committee on Laws, Rules and Internal Government on November 14, 2018, Wednesday at 1:00 P.M. at the Carlos Albert Session Hall, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Quezon City PR20CC-087 entitled “A resolution authorizing the issuance of a certificate of exception to Amarah and Arome Residences Corporation for the construction of a twenty-two (22) storey residential condominium with roofdeck to be located at lots 1 and 2, block S-162 Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Gandia Street, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City, allowing deviation from the restrictions provided under ordinance No. SP-2502, S-2016, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of 2016.”

Worth observing

November 12, 2018
In Malaysia, I observed on a trip to the Northern part of the country where palm trees are grown in abundance, all throughout a car trip to the North of Kuala Lumpur. I noticed that the mountains where the highway cut across the mountains had concrete canals that serve as steps like a stairway throughout the mountain ranges placed in slopes where heavy downpour of rain could traverse.


November 09, 2018
The mid-term elections in the United States last November 6, 2018 is being subjected to a recount because of the close percentage point differences from one candidates’ count to that of the opponent, Democrat vs. Republican. The losing candidates of the Democrats want to narrow down the lead of the Republican opponent.

The timing is suspect

November 05, 2018
The “invasion” of thousands of people from the Central American countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and other countries in Latin America was planned and timed for the mid-term election in the U.S. on Tuesday, November 6, an attempt by the Democrats to capture more seats in Congress; only to give the Democrats an edge against the Republicans, hoping to gain sympathy from the Latino votes who have been easily allowed to enter the United States during the Obama presidency to favor the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

Undas at typhoon ‘Rosita’

October 29, 2018
Ipanalangin natin na sana lumihis ang bagyong “Rosita” ngayon na para naman ang mga bibiyahe sa mga probinsiya para makasama nila ang minamahal nila (at nating lahat) sa kaarawan ng mga yumao nating minamahal sa buhay.

Gusi Peace Prize 2018

October 26, 2018
Every fourth Wednesday or last Wednesday of the month of November, the Gusi Peace Prize International, Manila, Philippines gives awards to specially chosen awardees from all over the world.

I agree

October 22, 2018
I read an article of Mr. Ben Kritz about the need to also rehabilitate Baguio City, as President Duterte had done for Boracay.