‘Press Freedom very strong’

August 12, 2019
In a way, its true. Filipinos and the media have been abusing and the President, despite of some labelling him “a dictator” has not done anything – yet. But as usual, Filipinos pag nilargahan mo ng nilargahan ang pisi, they tend to abuse their so-called “freedom” of speech to the point of lying and magnifying and exaggerating something that is not true.

4th State of the Nation Address

July 22, 2019
As I write this article on the day itself before the SONA of our President Rodrigo Duterte, there is nothing more appropriate to write about but wish for our countrymen will receive the message of the President in the best way we should and we can for as it had happened in the past, there are those who purposely “misinterpret” just to be different.

Calling the FDA: Is it true?

July 12, 2019
When the doctor examined her husband at the hospital, he asked Steve to paint a clock. Instead, he drew a few circles and then drew a few figures without any logic. It was not like a clock at all! The doctor pulled her aside and said: “Your husband is already on the verge of severe Alzheimer’s disease!” It turned out that it was a test of whether a person had Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Mary was very upset at that time, but as a doctor, she would not just give up. She began to study the disease. She found out Alzheimer’s disease was associated to glucose deficiency to the brain. Her research says: “The dementia of the elderly is like having diabetes in the head! Before one has the symptoms of Diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease, the body has already had problems for 10 to 20 years.”

To whom it may concern

July 08, 2019
We in the neighborhood along Scout Gandia Street, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City need help from the government, local or national, regarding the construction of a 21 storey condo/hotel in a residential area through “Special Permit,” more specifically inside our family compound and the neighborhood in general.

Believe it or not – Part II

June 07, 2019
To continue my column last Tuesday, gusto kong segundahan the call of President Duterte for Comelec “to scrap poll technology provider.” Vice President-to-be Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. made the same call to “Junk Smartmatic.”

U.S. President Donald Trump

April 12, 2019
Frankly, I don’t know who Adam Schiff is. If I am not mistaken, I can venture to say that he is a U.S. Congressman who wears a pair of contact lenses. Correct? It’s easy to tell one who uses contact lenses for he or she keeps blinking for the eyeballs dry up fast without enough lubricant, especially when a person is getting old.

Save a tree

April 05, 2019
My siblings and I still have a pending case regarding a Narra tree planted by our father, Tomas Morato, seventy years ago at the front of where our ancestral home used to be, now beside the excavation site where our parents’ ancestral home was before. Together with my sisters and our lawyers, we requested the DENR to save the tree for there is a law banning the cutting of Narra, Molave and other hardwood trees which are difficult to grow; and are near extinction due to illegal loggers before who exported illegally to other countries. These are hardwoods that take decades to grow.

‘The Bottomline’

March 25, 2019
In the TV program of Boy Abunda, “The Bottomline” last Sunday, he guested some students whose names I was not able to jot down. But I did catch the names of Ms. Gabee Paras, Ms. Diana Caga and Mr. Gab Bayan. There were six of them and if I am not mistaken, some are UP students.

Sunog na naman!

March 22, 2019
Basta pumasok ang buwan ng Marso (buwan daw ng mga sunog), asahan ninyo ang pirming tinatamaan ay ang mga kapus-palad na nakatira sa tinatawag na “squatters’ area,” or informal settlers. Para bang sinasadya ng may mga interes sa particular na lupain. Masakit pong masunugan, ke may kaya o wala. Isa ‘yan sa pinakamalungkot sa mga trahedya.