U.S. President Donald Trump

April 12, 2019
Frankly, I don’t know who Adam Schiff is. If I am not mistaken, I can venture to say that he is a U.S. Congressman who wears a pair of contact lenses. Correct? It’s easy to tell one who uses contact lenses for he or she keeps blinking for the eyeballs dry up fast without enough lubricant, especially when a person is getting old.

Save a tree

April 05, 2019
My siblings and I still have a pending case regarding a Narra tree planted by our father, Tomas Morato, seventy years ago at the front of where our ancestral home used to be, now beside the excavation site where our parents’ ancestral home was before. Together with my sisters and our lawyers, we requested the DENR to save the tree for there is a law banning the cutting of Narra, Molave and other hardwood trees which are difficult to grow; and are near extinction due to illegal loggers before who exported illegally to other countries. These are hardwoods that take decades to grow.

‘The Bottomline’

March 25, 2019
In the TV program of Boy Abunda, “The Bottomline” last Sunday, he guested some students whose names I was not able to jot down. But I did catch the names of Ms. Gabee Paras, Ms. Diana Caga and Mr. Gab Bayan. There were six of them and if I am not mistaken, some are UP students.

Sunog na naman!

March 22, 2019
Basta pumasok ang buwan ng Marso (buwan daw ng mga sunog), asahan ninyo ang pirming tinatamaan ay ang mga kapus-palad na nakatira sa tinatawag na “squatters’ area,” or informal settlers. Para bang sinasadya ng may mga interes sa particular na lupain. Masakit pong masunugan, ke may kaya o wala. Isa ‘yan sa pinakamalungkot sa mga trahedya.

Urban planning is very important

March 15, 2019
As cities and communities grow in time, it is essential for cities and towns to be under an office for urban planners for many cities and towns are totally unsupervised and left with a mayor, vice mayor and the city councilors who can at any given time abuse the temptation of making money and corruption once they are in power. The DILG must play an important role.

It won’t harm trying

March 11, 2019
Dr. Abbas Hussain Kazmi of Sheikh Zaid Hospital (city and country not mentioned) stressed that hot coconut water or buko juice as we call it here in our country, can kill cancer cells for “hot coconut water releases an anti-cancer substance, which is the latest advance in effective treatment of cancer in the medical field.” Dr. Abbas Hussain Kazmi further claims that hot coconut juice (or buko juice) “has an effect on cysts and tumors, proven to remedy all types of cancer.”

The Holy Bible and the Sacred Koran

March 08, 2019
I have heard of brother Muslims who are also wondering why Muslims required to testify are not made to swear on the Sacred Koran. As a Muslim, candidate Shariff Abdani insists to make this swearing on the Sacred Koran a must in court for Muslims are afraid to lie after swearing on the Sacred Koran; and so should Catholics and Christians by swearing on the Holy Bible.

We are all in it (2)

March 02, 2019
President Trump is not a politician. His kind are those who have better vision, devoid of political hypocrisies that the US of America has had too much of it that most other countries have followed. President Trump is a smart and well-educated person, a Wharton graduate who knows what is good for America, economically. This is the first time America has had a successful businessman from the best business school in which he graduated. I don’t believe there is one in Congress and Senate who achieved so much as President Trump.

We are all in it (1)

March 01, 2019
What bothers all right-thinking people is why denigrate the hard work that US President Trump is doing to achieve peace in the Korean Peninsula which has bothered many nations and took the situation as a great problem for the entire world. The US in the past never even came near solving the enormous problem between North Korea and many other countries seeking for peace.

In Memoriam

February 22, 2019
I had left the exhibit after waiting for a couple of hours for Bobby to arrive. I left word to my nephew who stayed behind with his wife painter/artist Katrina Cuenca, to call me should Bobby arrive for the exhibit was to raise funds for charity and Bobby organized the affair. I was already at Edsa when my nephew called me that Bobby arrived with his wife and daughter in the event. I rushed back to Greenbelt; met with Bobby and his wife Denise and daughter Bambi. We took pictures together and he kept on smiling when he saw me.

False alarm

February 18, 2019
According to a newspaper article, Kit Tatad allegedly spread rumors about the President’s “deteriorating” health; that Tatad “wrote in a newspaper column that President Duterte underwent a successful kidney transplant at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan… last January 29, 2019;” or barely three weeks ago.

Armida Ponce Enrile Siguion-Reyna †

February 15, 2019
I am sad to hear that Armida passed away. May she rest in peace. ‘Yong nangyari sa amin noon, hindi naman tunay na awayan ‘yon. Nagpapaliwanag siya at nagpapaliwanag din ako sa taongbayan. Yes, Armida and I had differences with you in the interpretation of the law guiding the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board or MTRCB for short. We never hated each other. Showbiz ‘yong nangyari sa amin; and she knew it. For one, we kept the movie industry alive sa aming sagutan; and Armida knew that na pag kami nagkikita, mabait naman siya sa akin; at mabait din naman din ako sa kanya.