Bad eggs still with Bureau of Immigration?

December 04, 2018
COFFEE shops are filled with tales that the Department of Justice is quietly investigating two police officers assigned to the Office of the Commissioner and another lawyer in the Bureau of Immigration for alleged involvement in a syndicate behind the upsurge in illegal Chinese workers who were issued working visas after entering the Philippines as tourists.

Sharon-Richard movie: Perfect timing, wrong project?

December 03, 2018
THE Sharon Cuneta-Richard Gomez reunion movie is reported not to have done so well and did not meet the expectations of Star Cinema. This is really surprising since the timing of its showing is quite perfect, what with it opening in time for payday and during a long holiday weekend. So many explanations are now being offered by self appointed, know-it-all pundits as to why the movie didn’t take off at the box office. Truth to tell, some of them are just ridiculous.

Paolo notch higher than most of today's leading man

November 15, 2018
BOTH Paolo Contis and Alessandra de Rossi give very relaxed but very heartfelt performances in “Through Night & Day”, the first local movie we’ve enjoyed after “Exes Baggage”. Both flicks are well acted romances but we were not able to guess where “Through Night & Day” was going. It starts as a romcom then forays into something else.

Movie review: The handmaid's tale

November 15, 2018
HULU’S ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is an acclaimed drama series that has won awards and we watched it upon the recommendation of a friend. Set in a dystopian hypothetical future where women are so oppressed, an extremist fundamentalist group has overthrown the U.S. government and renamed it the Republic of Gilead that will out-Quaker the Quakers and out-Amish the Amish. They spouse a religious ideology that debunks all other religious groups and comes up with a totally patriarchal and fanatical society where human rights are curtailed and women’s rights are seriously trampled. Civil rights are allowed only in favor of men, who are pictured here as heartless, merciless villains.