The case for personal holiness

April 27, 2019
Think of a government vehicle stamped with “For Official Use Only.” It is “set apart” for government use. But if you see that same vehicle being used for midnight drag racing — and the people inside don’t look like officials — then in Biblical language, that car has been desecrated.

Choose to serve not to be served

February 23, 2019
I said something like, “No, marriage is not dependent upon feelings. It is serving one another even when we don’t feel like it. When we continue to do this, the loving feeling will return.” I was amazed when the husband replied, “I have been part of our church for years but I never heard of this before. Where did you learn this?”

Reverse gossip

February 16, 2019
Someone may object, “But that’s not slander because my husband is really a bum (or my wife is really a mess at the kitchen),” That is not the issue. By all means, address the issue. But while being at it, we should not be painting a negative picture of our spouses to people who are not part of the solution.

Singles: Don’t look for signs

February 09, 2019
SHOULD I pursue this girl or not? She would make an excellent wife. The trouble was that she wasn’t interested in me. I sought “God’s will” as to what to do next. I did what Christians are supposed to do: pray, read my Bible and ask for advice. Yet I didn’t get the clear “yes” or “no” that I thought would come

What a spouse should ask

February 02, 2019
I USED the past Christmas season to make my strategic plans for 2019. One area I don’t want to leave out is my marriage to Lucy. But how can I know what to do? Answer: I asked Lucy “What do you want me to do this year to improve our marriage?”

Don’t be afraid of making mistake

January 26, 2019
A FRIEND at work once told me, “Many people don’t work to win. Rather, they work not to fail.” What he meant is that many employees play it safe. They are terrified of making mistakes and being criticized by their bosses. So they do the bare minimum in their jobs and keep their mouths shut. However, they stunt their professional growth and limit their career enhancement.

Asking the right questions

January 19, 2019
ONE of my favorite comedy scenes involves Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. He checks into an inn and sees a dog on the lobby floor. He asks the doddering, pipe-smoking innkeeper “Does your dog bite?” The innkeeper says “Nope.” Clouseau bends down to pet the dog, which suddenly growls, jumps up and bites his gloved hand. Clouseau, shaken, tells the innkeeper, “I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite!” The innkeeper replied nonchalantly, “That is not my dog.”

‘So what do I do now?’

January 12, 2019
IN college, everything is practically spelled out for you. But after the diploma is in your hands, you have to figure things out by yourself! Many young people struggle with vague goals or no goals at all. Is there a curriculum for a good life? If so, what does it look like and where can one find it? Finally, how can one tell that he or she has “arrived”?

Make plans, not resolutions

January 05, 2019
HAVE you noticed how we make New Year’s Resolutions on December 31, only to break them by January 3 and totally abandon them before the month is over? We need more than resolutions. We need a plan. The adage goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is especially important when it comes to your career and in light of hard times nowadays. Don’t leave your job to chance or even to your boss. Take responsibility in steering your career to where you want to go.


December 31, 2018
I WAS ordering something online. After typing the details of my purchase, I pressed “SUBMIT” and waited for what I felt to be an unusually long time. A dialogue box then announced that my time opted out and asked me to press a “RESET” icon. I complied and went through the ordering process again, which succeeded the second time. It was a minor hassle, but I was grateful the glitch happened before I inputted my credit card number. (I wasn’t scammed; I just checked my banking statement.)

A clean slate

December 22, 2018
Have you done something at work that you are still castigating yourself for? Maybe other people have long forgotten that incident. But not you. That deed still stings as if you have done it five minutes ago. Was it giving bum advice to your boss? Was it a lapse that strained a workplace relationship? Was it a bone-headed decision that cost the company money? Was it poor planning that created a lot of inconvenience to all involved?

Goals: Means and ends

December 15, 2018
If you now find this job so boring or even unacceptable, what happened along the way? Either you have unmet expectations or your desires have changed. People normally allow negative experiences and memories to fester in their minds. This then simply perpetuates the cycle of despair. This does nothing to resolve the past and worse, it diminishes our control over the way we use the present.

Be the light

December 01, 2018
What is that light which we are to shine upon the world? Matthew 5:16 strongly suggests that our light is our good works: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Our good deeds, so to speak, collectively form a spotlight to be trained not on ourselves, but on God. The worldly man seeks to draw attention to himself. The Christian seeks to point others to his Lord.

Doing unto others…

November 24, 2018
THE Golden Rule is not “He who has the gold makes the rules.” It’s not even the lesser-known cousin, “Do to others before they do it to you!” I am referring to the principle that Jesus laid out, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12). The workplace intuitively knows the Golden Rule through maxims such as “Greet the small people you meet on your way up, because these are the very same people you’ll meet on your way down” or “Don’t burn your bridges.”

How to develop a sense of urgency

November 17, 2018
REMEMBER the good old college days when you had to submit a term paper by a certain date or else you’ll flunk? Some students would wait until the last minute before being “inspired” (or in plain language, panic and cram). But others rolled up their sleeves once the assignment was handed out. They gathered the data, raided the library, interviewed people and pounded away at the keyboard as early and fast as they could.