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Ayala’s health and logistics arms partner for responsible medical waste management

AC Health responsible medical waste management
(L-R, standing) AC Health President & CEO Paolo Borromeo and AC Logistics President & CEO Rene Almendras (L-R, seated) Healthway Cancer Care Hospital COO Nona Ong, QualiMed Group COO Margaret Bengzon, Healthway Philippines Inc. President & CEO Jaime Ysmael, IWMI President Chito Pacheco, IWMI Vice Chairman Nona Torres, and Healthway COO Suzanne Pama.

MANILA – AC Health’s hospitals and clinics group, Healthway Philippines, Inc., and its pharmaceutical importation and distribution arms, IE Medica and MedEthix, entered into a partnership with AC Logistics’ Integrated Waste Management, Inc. (IWMI). This partnership was formed as part of AC Health’s commitment to be more deliberate in its sustainability efforts, starting with proper handling of waste.

Having launched a successful partnership with Generika Drugstore in 2022, IWMI now handles all the medical waste management of the entire AC Health group through this newly signed agreement.

Leveraging IWMI’s expertise in hazardous and hospital waste management, Healthway Philippines and IE Medica and MedEthix have contracted their fellow Ayala business unit as its waste hauler across all its facilities, including its QualiMed hospitals and Healthway Multispecialty clinics, starting 2023.

“At AC Health, translating our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments into action remains one of our top priorities,” said Paolo Borromeo, President & CEO of AC Health. “This partnership with IWMI is only the first step in our efforts to champion sustainability throughout our entire healthcare network, and I am thrilled to be working with IWMI and AC Logistics in this endeavor.”

“As we care a lot about the welfare of our patients and our people, we likewise care a lot about the environment to ensure that it is preserved and enhanced for the benefit of our children and the generations to come. At Healthway Medical Network, we are committed to environmental protection through various initiatives on energy, water, and waste management. This partnership with IWMI for the efficient and environmentally friendly management of hazardous wastes in all our healthcare facilities further strengthens our ecosystem’s resolve to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and the communities we serve, and our commitment towards sustainability,” said Jimmy Ysmael, President & CEO of Healthway Philippines, Inc.

“IE Medica and MedEthix are committed to the preservation of our environment and have ensured the proper disposal of our waste. We are delighted that we will have IWMI to support our objectives for the environment,” added Marivic Sugapong, COO of IE Medica and MedEthix.

IWMI, a subsidiary of AC Logistics, is one of the leading waste management companies in the Philippines, offering full waste management solutions – from transport, treatment, disposal, processing, and documentation, further specializing in managing hazardous, medical, and electronic wastes.

“At IWMI, we understand the impact of proper waste management on our people and our planet. Responsibly handling hazardous and medical waste is not an easy feat, so we will make sure to be AC Health’s trusted and reliable partner that its subsidiaries can count on in every step of the process – from transport operations, plant operations, waste treatment, and documentation. Our team is looking forward to helping Healthway, IE Medica, and MedEthix achieve their sustainability commitments,” said Chito Pacheco, President of IWMI.

“The synergy between AC Health and AC Logistics is a testament to the Ayala Group’s commitment to sustainability. With a company like IWMI under its ‘reverse logistics’ portfolio, AC Logistics is ready to help the group institutionalize proper waste management. We look forward to working with AC Health towards our shared goal of sustainable growth,” said Janet Bautista, VP for Business Development of AC Logistics.

“This partnership with AC Health is a manifestation of AC Logistics’ vision, which is rooted in sustainability. For an advocacy driven solutions provider like IWMI, it’s not just about ‘waste hauling.’ Our team is determined to work with AC Health in shaping the country’s standards on how hazardous and clinical wastes should be managed,” said Rene Almendras, President & CEO of AC Logistics.

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