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“Bagong Pilipino,” not “Bagong Pilipinas”

Bagong Pilipino

Change starts from within.

While I find no reason to criticize the Department of Tourism’s new slogan (except its promotional video), “Love the Philippines,” I find the need for President Bongbong Marcos to reconstruct the wording of his administration’s new branding if indeed he aims to bring about strides, positive changes in the country.

Even before he buckles down embarking on this adventure to uplift our country as a way of kicking off his 2nd year in office as the nation’s Chief Executive, the first change he seems bounden to effect is revising his slogan from “Bagong Pilipinas” to “Bagong Pilipino” sapagkat hindi po darating ang bagong Pilipinas, kung hindi muna unang darating ang bagong Pilipino at iiwan ang nakaraan – upang bumangon o makabangon.

The term “Bagong Pilipino” sounds to me a lot better and makes “Love the Philippines” richly meaningful, sentimental and more inviting to foreign tourists and investors to boot. “Bagong Pilipino” could serve as a propellant/catalyst for national progress, evolution and transformation.

It is such a real, big challenge beyond sloganeering to foment vision and spur stimulus for our people (innately affectionate as they are) to bless themselves – and toward exhilarating/empowering trek to summit for the whole country – fighting corruption and criminality, rising from economic doldrums, soaring to great heights.

I am willing to donate to the government the song that I have composed pertaining to this, should the president find wisdom/plausibility in my proposal. I am sure he and his team, and all Filipinos would get to like the song – as the lyrics and melody combined is potently appealing, inspiring and stirring.

The song is entitled, “Bangon Pilipinas sa Bagong Pilipino.”

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