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Baguio community asked by BI to report illegal aliens

THE residents of Baguio and nearby areas are being called upon to report any suspected illegal aliens to their intelligence team during the forthcoming service caravan of the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

BI chief Norman Tansingco emphasizes the crucial role community vigilance plays in maintaining border security and upholding immigration laws, drawing on the successful reports received during the Mindanao leg of its “Bagong Immigration” caravan.

“As we embark on our service caravan, we urge the community to report suspicious activities or individuals in their respective areas,” he stated.

Tansingco stressed the agency’s commitment to addressing concerns related to illegal immigration and highlights the importance of citizen participation the fight against illegal aliens.

He added community members are highly encouraged to report foreign sex predators and sex tourists, which the BI is prioritizing under the agency’s #Shieldkids campaign.

The third leg of the BI’s service caravan is scheduled for May 8 at Cap-John Hay Trade and Cultural Center in Baguio City.

The caravan offers expedited processing for various BI transactions, including tourist visa extensions, exit clearances, dual citizenship applications, and other essential clearances.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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