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Bambanti Festival street dancers strut stuff in showdown

Bambanti Festival street dancers
More than 300 Bambanti Festival street dancers strut their stuff in front of the hometown crowd at SM Cauayan mall in Cauayan City on Sunday (January 28) here.(VILL GIDEON VISAYA)

CAUAYAN CITY – More than 300 Bambanti Festival street dancers showed their dancing prowess as they performed at the SM Cauayan mall on Sunday (January 28) here.

The dancers wore indigenous and colorful costumes that were inspired by the scarecrow symbol.

They showed mastery in rhythmic street dancing performances as they portrayed the festive mood for farmers who earned bountiful corn and harvests in the past cropping seasons.

The street dancers emerged from the streets and later performed inside the mall as they showed symbolism for the diligence, resoluteness, and the enduring spirit of the people of Isabela folk.

Bambanti, an Ilocano word for scarecrow, has been a prominent figure at rice fields to drive away birds and pests from crops. It was regarded as a demonstration of thanksgiving for the Isabelenos’ consistently rich agricultural harvest and to celebrate the diligence, resilience and vigilance that characterized Isabela farmers and established the province as biggest corn producer and with biggest rice surplus.

The province had previously received the National Quality Corn award in the past years for being the consistent top corn producer nationwide with annual 1.2 million metric tons production and biggest rice surplus with 1.3 million metric tons production.


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