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Batangas community receives MRF from Aboitiz Construction, Aboitiz Foundation

Aboitiz Construction, in collaboration with Aboitiz Foundation turns over a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for the local government of Barangay Bagong Pook in Malvar, Batangas. This initiative reflects the commitment of the Aboitiz Group to fostering environmental responsibility and promoting sustainable development. In photos, from L to R: Aboitiz Construction Team: Alex Rubis, Project Manager and Kervy Datay, Project Director for Construction; Hon. Lilibeth Lat, Brgy. Captain of Bagong Pook; Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. Team: Ginggay Hontiveros, Aboitiz Group Chief Reputation Officer and Sustainability Officer and Aboitiz Foundation Presidentand Impact Lead for Climate Action Welfredo Dalumpines

Aboitiz Construction, in collaboration with Aboitiz Foundation marked the Philippine Environment Month by unveiling a cutting-edge Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for a Barangay Bagong Pook in Malvar, Batangas, on June 5th.

Designed as a central point for waste management activities, the MRF will play a pivotal role in facilitating waste collection, sorting, and recycling efforts within the barangay.

Built by Aboitiz Construction’s skilled team, the facility integrates sustainability practices, exemplified by the installation of durable materials and solar panels to power its operations.

“This MRF that we built is a way for us to express our continued trust in your ability to care for and value nature. May this serve as inspiration for all of us to be more mindful and diligent in fulfilling our duties as stewards of our environment,” said Aboitiz Construction Project Director Kervy Datay.

“As we move forward, let’s remember that this is just the beginning. The success of this MRF depends on our collective effort. By embracing recycling and proper waste disposal, each of us can make a significant impact on our environment and set an example for future generations,” Aboitiz Group Chief Reputation and Sustainability Officer and Aboitiz Foundation President Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar said.

In a bid to enhance community awareness of proper waste management practices, Kim Miranda, Aboitiz Construction Manager for Safety, Health, Environment, and Security, engaged with community members to discuss the importance and benefits of utilizing the MRF.

Moreover, the MRF will assist the barangay in meeting the requirements of Republic Act 9003, which emphasizes the proper handling of solid waste in the nation.

The handover of the MRF highlights Aboitiz Construction and Aboitiz Foundation’s dedication to advancing sustainable development and environmental stewardship in Batangas province and other local communities.

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