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BBM’s China visit and the West Philippine Sea

BBM China visit

Forge a friendship with Chinese leaders, but bring up the issue with boldness, Mr. President.

The West Philippine Sea row must be addressed apart from and unrelated to every other dealing the Philippines and China may freshly establish between them as a result of President Bongbong Marcos’ state visit to China tomorrow, January 3. It is the most important agenda of the trip. Refuse deflection. Prepare thyself.

Beijing needs to back out from doing wrong in the hotly contested/disputed sea and start negotiating with the Philippine government sincerely. Or else Beijing’s pronouncements pertinent to the issue are all hogwash, mere publicity stunts that are meant to fool and bamboozle the world. Make the right move, friend.

China’s every move in the West Philippine Sea is a violent move, sans using bombs and artillery.

A full-blown war between China and the Philippines (with its allied nations) can be aborted through negotiations and by both states abiding by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). There is no other way. In the event that such a war would erupt, only an unthinking country will side with the invading, bullying, violating, double dealing China.

China needs to come to grips with reality or it is bound to lose more than what it craves to gain, ultimately. We love you China.

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