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BBM’s US trip: The folly of K-12, ROTC and China

BBM and Biden

President Joe Biden told BBM, “We will always have your back.” Wow! Such fresh, reassuring, comforting words for Filipinos, amid the continuing belligerence and burglary of China in the West Philippine Sea.

However, while the US trip of President Bongbong Marcos may be described as fruitful in the aspects of national defense and business, and in solidifying further our ties with a faithful ally/friend, it is sad that he missed proving his seriousness and steadfastness in addressing the nation’s agricultural crisis – to solve our food shortage problem and debilitating inflation because such concerns (constraining as they are) were left out in his agenda, apparently.

“Action expresses priorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Certain vital issues of great national interest were sorely omitted in that 5-day official state visit. A highly industrialized and science/technology-based economy, America can well contribute and assist the Philippine government in enhancing the Filipino grasp/expertise in producing and in modernizing our equipment/capability to manufacture/produce well and big time so that our country can be competitive in the world market. Exportation, not importation is the answer and key.

This is by far more important than modernizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines and improving our chances of “winning” (or fighting) in a war in case of war. First things first.

Meanwhile, talking about war, it is idiotic for anybody to even broach the idea of reviving the ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) for our youths/students – for war purposes. ROTC may look good and desirable, but only to people/officials that have a war mentality.

Bato Dela Rosa

What our students need is neither the preposterous ROTC nor the deleterious K-12 program (otherwise known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act), but the heart and help of our government to get them employed shortly after they graduate from college or high school for those who couldn’t afford to enter college. Education can only be as good and beneficial as it feeds the educated and provides him a decent living condition.

Having stated the foregoing facts/realities, the present administration is not out of track or, should I say, not as out of track as the Department of Education which is (incidentally and poorly) headed by Vice President Sarah Duterte, no less. Progress is not all about investment or foreign investments. It is more about molding and developing ourselves to become self-reliant someday as a people and nation. And we start it with our youth – through good education.

Unlike most political leaders, progress is not shortsighted (and election-related). The Israelites entered the Promised Land but without Moses, though it was Moses who led them in the journey as he received and envisioned the promise way ahead of time (Genesis 12:1-9, 26:3, 28:13-14).

Had they listened to the critics of K-12 (yours truly included) prior to both Houses of Congress approving it ten years ago and before it was signed into law by then President Noynoy Aquino on 15 May 2013, the Filipino students should have not suffered and should not be suffering continually to this day, struggling hard and “helplessly” to reach their common dream of a good life for their families and a bright future for themselves – courtesy of government folly.


For all intents and purposes, K-12 is just a waste of time, energy and money for the students, and a deterrent to their personal progress, plain and simple.

Time to care for our youth. Reform the educational system. Dissolve K-12. Forget ROTC. Hunt crooks. Reward teachers with higher salaries and give them laptops. And so mold right the future of the motherland – and hasten progress for all Filipinos.

Finally: Dear Beijing, the best way to win in a war is never to begin it. Greedy, covetous nations and people have yet to win in war, ultimately. World history proves this to be a timeless, priceless lesson to learn for any country. Realize, sirs, that encroaching upon a Philippine maritime territory is equal to starting a war. And that is exactly what you have been doing. God forbid! Only devils want people dead and nations destroyed, crushed and pulverized. John 10:10.

Making war with the Philippines (like Israel) is making war with the world (and God Almighty).

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