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City administrator Bernie Ang awarded as longest-serving Manila councilor on Council’s 122nd Anniversary

Longest-serving Councilor of Manila
Manila City Administrator Bernardito "Bernie" Ang holds up his award as the longest-serving Councilor of Manila. With him in photo are (from left) Councilor Macky Lacson, Majority Floorleader Atty. Jong Isip, Vice Mayor and Manila City Council (MCC) Presiding Officer Yul Servo, Councilor Philip Lacuna and Atty. Luch Gempis, Jr., Secretary of the MCC. (JERRY S. TAN)

THE Manila City Council (MCC) turned 122 years old on Monday.

On the said occasion, awards and recognition were given by MCC Presiding Officer Yul Servo-Nieto who concurrently serves as Vice Mayor, to former and current members of the MCC for their outstanding performance, dedication and colorful careers that sprung from their being former members of the MCC.

Leading the awardees was Manila City Administrator Bernardito “Bernie” Ang, who had served as Manila Third District Councilor for the longest period of time totaling seven terms or an equivalent of 25 years. He has also held the position of Secretary to the Vice Mayor before becoming Secretary to the Mayor during the administration of erstwhile Mayor Isko Moreno and is now the City Administrator under the rein of Mayor Honey Lacuna.

Ang is known for his many achievements among them, for having authored the Local Tax Code of Manila and principally authoring the city ordinance that created the then City College of Manila, now known as Universidad de Manila.

In his speech, Servo-Nieto thanked his mentors and made special mention of Ang, Lacuna, Moreno and former Vice Mayor Danilo Lacuna for helping him in his political career.

Former Vice Mayor Danilo Lacuna, father of Mayor Honey, received the “Dangal ng Konseho Award” in recognition of his decades of selfless service both as member and Presiding Officer of the MCC and for his “compassionate leadership that steered the city council to greater heights, producing measures that redounded to the benefit of a great number of Manilenos and his exemplary performance worthy of emulation by future generation of public servants. His children, Councilors Dr. Lei Lacuna and Philip and zoning chief Dennis, received the award in behalf of their father.

The other awardees cited for their performance during the first year of the 12th City Council include the following: MCC Majority Floor Leader Atty. Ernesto “Jong” Isip, Jr. for having filed the most number of draft ordinances and draft resolutions as well as principally authoring the most number of resolutions and ordinances approved; Councilor Salvador Philip Lacuna for having principally authored the most number of ordinances approved; Councilor Irma Alfonso-Juson for having filed the most number of draft ordinances; Councilor Numero Lim, for having filed the most number of draft resolutions filed and resolutions approved and principally authoring the most number of ordinances; Councilor Pamela “Fa” Fugoso-Pascual for having principally authored the most number of ordinances approved and having the best record in attendance and Councilors Martin Isidro, Jr. and Nino dela Cruz, for best record in attendance.

Congressmen Ernesto Dionisio, Jr., Rolando Valeriano, Joel R. Chua, Edward V.P. Maceda, Irwin Tieng and Bienvenido Abante, Jr., each received an award as “Distinguished Legislator of Manila” for serving the MCC with utmost distinction when they were Councilors, leading to their election to the House of Representatives where they continue to bring pride and honor to the city.

Justice Jhosep Lopez received the “Timbulan ng Laya Award” for excelling in the field of law and justice when he was a city councilor, leading to his appointment to his present position in the Supreme Court.

Among those awarded the “Perlas ng Konseho” for their many years of selfless and devoted service as MCC members were former Councilors Re Fugoso, Robert Ortega, Jr. and Marlon Lacson, who all served for 18 years. Fugoso currently heads the Manila social welfare department while Lacson is presently secretary to the mayor.

Deputy city administrator Jocelyn Dawis-Asuncion and Manuel “Let Let” Zarcal were also given the same award for having served the MCC for 21 years.

The said event was held at the Ayuntamiento de Manila located in the historic Intramuros and the seat of the Manila City Council during the Spanish era. Following its destruction during the World War II, it was reconstructed and the building now houses the offices of the Bureau of the Treasury.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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