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Beware of scammers using FFCCCII official

CONDOLENCE to the family of Maria Azucena Vera-Perez Maceda, or more popularly known as “Manay Ichu,” on her passing last September 7 at the age of 77.

Our deepest sympathies go to his children, among them reknowned lawyer Ernest Maceda and Manila Congressman Edward Maceda and the rest of the surviving family members. She was the wife of the late Senator Ernesto ‘Manong’ Maceda.

Considered as a pillar in the movie industry, she was also a key figure behind a number of Philippine cinema organizations including Movie Workers Welfare Foundation (Mowelfund), the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), the Philippine Motion Pictures Producers Association, the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines, Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), Philippine Motion Pictures Producers Association (PMPPA), and the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines (ECP).


My good friend of long standing, Nelson Guevarra, has a very urgent appeal to the public, specially those who are but too eager to help the needy in this time of the pandemic.

Nelson is currently the external affairs committee chairman of the Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Incorporated (FFCCCII).

In line with his position, he had been involved in reaching out and extending all kinds of support first and foremost, to the needy. Secondly, his organization also supports worthwhile programs of various government entities via different kinds of donations.

Sadly, some unscrupulous individuals took Nelson’s goodness and generosity as an opportunity or vehicle to make fast bucks at his expense and of kind-hearted individuals who merely want to help.

Fortunately, Nelson has countless well-meaning friends. He was able to learn soonest that his name was being used by shameless people to solicit donations.

As soon as he was informed of this, Nelson wasted no time and disowned the Facebook account where the solicitation was being coursed through.

It was a fake account and Nelson was quick to warn the public. Hereunder is his complete post:

“It has come to my attention that a scammer has been using my name and pictures in a fake account to ask for donations and money from my friends and relatives or asking you to apply something to get or earn some money through your messenger account.

I am in no way connected or affiliated to any account asking for money nor have I designated proxies to run any account using my identity & PHOTO as their PROFILE PICTURE.

Makati City Pabakuna

If you have been contacted via Phone or Messenger by someone pretending to be me and has been asked to make donations, DO NOT ENTERTAIN THEM, this is a SCAM. REPORT THEM IF THEY CONTACT YOU.

Please be advised that this is the only page that I have used on the platform.

Kindly help me by COPYING, SHARING or REPOSTING this notice until it gets to everyone it may concern.

My reputation, credibility is at stake, and I do not want anyone to be victimized by these scammers pretending to be me.

Thank you for your Cooperation and Assistance. Keep Alert and Safe Always… God bless!”

I hope the warning to the public will keep anyone from being duped. If those behind this scam will be unmasked and punished, that will be a great bonus.

The one or ones behind the said fraudulent attempt at making money ought to be ashamed of themselves for a dastardly deed like this.

May the law of karma catch up with them sooner than they concocted the evil scheme. Tsk!


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