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BI, Airport Press Club join hands to fight trafficking

Melvin Mabulac and APC President Ariel Fernandez
BI deputy spokesperson Melvin Mabulac and APC President Ariel Fernandez hold the MOU that they signed. (JERRY S. TAN)

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was entered into by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) led by Commissioner Norman Tansingco, and with the Airport Press Club (APC) headedm by its President Ariiel Fernandez, to combat human trafficking in the country.

The MOU signed on May 8 by Fernandez and BI deputy spokesman Melvin Mabulac representing Tansingco, acknowledged the severity of human trafficking as a heinous crime and emphasized the vital role of responsible and ethical media coverage in addressing it.

Tansingco said that the partnership plays a big role in the fight against trafficking, adding: “public information is crucial in fighting this crime. The APC and the BI both commit to work together to combat this societal illness.”

The MOU focused on collaboration between the BI and members of the APC to share to the public information against current trends and modus operandi on human trafficking and illegal recruitment. Both parties commit to approaching stories related to human trafficking with empathy, sensitivity, and cultural understanding, aiming to uplift and empower victims.

As part of coverage of trafficking cases, both parties pledged to protect the privacy and confidentiality of trafficking victims, refraining from disclosing personal information in compliance with anti-trafficking laws.

Additionally, the BI will collaborate with APC on initiatives aimed at enhancing the capacity and knowledge of media professionals regarding human trafficking through workshops, seminars, and resource development.

Through proactive efforts, the BI aims to inform and warn the public about emerging trends and modus operandi employed by traffickers, empowering individuals to recognize risks and take preventive measures.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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