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BI chief Tansingco thanks govt for prioritizing new immigration law

Bureau of Immigration (BI) COmmissioner Norman Tansingco thanked the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) for identifying the proposed immigration modernization law as a priority measure.

Tansingco likeewise expressed his appreciation to the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO) for supporting the passing of the new law by organizing a focus group discussion (FGD) held last April 17 in Manila which saw the attendance of representatives of at least nine senators, to reconcile versions to expedite the bill’s approval.

He expressedhopes that the bill will be approved on the third reading prior to the President’s State of the Nation Address and thanked the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate for understanding the plight of the agency in its thrust for the passing of the new law.

“Imagine, our law has been there even before international flights were operating in the Philippines. Many of its provisions are already outdated, and not applicable to modern times,” he added.

The bill is seen as the solution to current BI woes, as it seeks to upgrade the country’s 83-year-old immigration law.

“In behalf of the employees of the BI, we also thank our legislators for ensuring that the use of income for the augmentation of the salaries of employees remain.This would greatly benefit our employees that are stuck with low salaries, and would also allow us to recruit fresh graduates to join the government,” the BI chief said.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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