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‘BI employee’ tagged as part of kidnap syndicate a ‘fake’; charges readied for those using BI for extortion

Norman Tansingco
Commissioner Norman Tansingco to file cases against extortionists using BI. (JERRY S. TAN)

THE male suspect who reportedly presented himself as an employee of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) as part of a syndicate that kidnapped four foreign nationals recently is a fake.

Thus said BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco, as he announced that he is considering the filing of legal actions against individuals who are presenting themselves as BI employees for purposes of extorting money from hapless victims.

The BI chief said his office has received information that the police are investigating a certain Marion Badando for his alleged involvement in the recent kidnapping of four foreign nationals, a story which hogged the headlines.

Badando, according to him, presented himself as an immigration officer and a lawyer and now remains at large after being tagged as part of the kidnapping syndicate which was busted by authorities.

“We have received reports that this individual has been using the name of the Bureau of Immigration to extort foreigners. We are studying filing cases against him and his cohorts to serve as a warning not to besmirch the agency’s name,” he added.

Tansingco emphasized the gravity of the situation, noting that such actions not only harm the victims but also tarnish the reputation of the Bureau of Immigration.

“The integrity of our institution is paramount. We will not tolerate any actions that undermine the trust placed in us by the public and our stakeholders,” he said.

Tansingco expressed his gratitude to the police for their ongoing efforts to track down and apprehend the suspects.

“We appreciate the dedication and hard work of our law enforcement partners. Their commitment to justice is crucial in resolving this matter and preventing future incidents,” Tansingco said.

Tansingco disclosed that a thorough review of the Bureau’s records confirmed that Badando is not and has never been, an employee of the BI.

“Our internal checks have validated that this person has no official connection with the Bureau, and his claims are entirely fraudulent,” he affirmed, adding that requests for verification from the public can be sent via the Commissioner’s helpline at Facebook.com/immigration.helpline.ph.

The public, he said, may verify the credentials of anyone claiming to be a BI employee through official channels.

“We urge the public to remain cautious and to report any suspicious activities to the authorities immediately,” Tansingco added.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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