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Biggest wins in online casinos of all times

Every time someone says Las Vegas, all a person can think of is Casinos. It is one of the biggest activities that takes place in Vegas and many parts of the world. Most casinos are found or built near restaurants, resorts, and tourist attractions. In recent times Casinos have more than just gambling activities inside of it, with stand-up comedy, live entertainment, and different sports shows on a mega screen.

With most of the world being digital, so has the business of gambling, and it is shocking to see the whooping amounts that people win in this game of chance. While most people think twice about how much money they are willing to put at stake, there are some out there who have won enough money to sustain themselves for a lifetime.

Winner winner chicken dinner

1. Mega Moolah for Mr. Rawiri Pou (USD 7.4 million)

Mega Moolah is a slot machine consisting of five reels and 25 pay line slots developed by a micro gaming software developer you can check it in the online slot section at Sbobet website. Mega moolah serves as a good way for beginners in the gambling world ready for a big win. Rawiri Pou was one such person who walked away with 7 million dollars. It was an unexpected win because all Mr. Pou wanted to do the day, he logged in was for some entertainment. Little did he know that luck was in his favor, and he wouldn’t have to go about his monotonous work routine. What is surprising is that unlike most people who win a jackpot, Mr. Rawiri did not want a fancy Yacht on an Island but just wanted to improve his family’s life.

2. Beginner’s Luck

One of the youngest winners in online casinos, Jon Heywood, at just 25 years of age, got back what he gave to serve his country-Afghanistan. Based on his life, it is safe to say that Karma has a way of getting back to you. Heywood’s life changed after winning 17 million dollars after depositing just 40 US dollars. Little did he know that he would earn a thousand times the amount after a few lucky spins. Unlike Pou, who had no dream of buying anything fancy with his lucky win, Jon decided to buy a Bentley and take his family on a cruise and pay his father’s medical bills with the jackpot that he got.

3. Swedish player Scoops 8.75 million dollars.

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In November 2012, when most people were having pessimistic thoughts of the world ending, a young woman won a casino Jackpot of 8.75 million dollars at Gclub; she was more than just surprised. She was dazed and decided to pay off her loans and take her family to Thailand with her win.

4. One student’s dream

Most students would only dream of getting 13 million dollars so easily like this Norwegian student. One night unable to sleep due to his course’s stress, he uploaded a few dollars, and with the right spins, he won 13 million dollars enough to keep those sleepless nights prolonged longer due to the unexpected win.

5. Beginner’s luck 2

When a person begins gambling, they think it would take them a couple of months to years to win a jackpot worth a million dollars. While that holds for most people, Neil from Scotland had different luck. Within an hour of putting just 50 dollars, the jackpot turned out to be 8 million dollars, the highest that this particular casino- Online casino Casumo has ever paid a player. Being an avid supporter of Liverpool, he decided to use his win to buy season tickets and take his family to Disneyland. Never in a million years did Neil ever think that investing 50 dollars could get him 8 million dollars in just a matter of 60 minutes.


Several people across the world have turned into millionaires in just a matter of minutes. While most people think it takes years to win a jackpot, these five people are a living example that surely happens within a couple of minutes. Online casinos are a growing phenomenon, and each day there a few lucky ones who turn their dimes into an overflowing pot of money.