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BIR commended for acting on consumers’ complaints

THE 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center has commended the BIR for its “efforts in ensuring that all tickets (100% of citizens’ concerns as of September 30, 2020) are acted upon within the prescribed period.

The commendation was expressed in a letter to Commissioner Caesar R. Dulay.

We are thankful to receive commendation from 8888. Rest assured that the Bureau will continue to act on citizens’ complaints, queries, suggestions and other concerns. Many of these are valuable feedbacks from taxpayers that will not only help us identify areas that still need improvement, but more importantly serve as inputs to our ongoing investigations/initiatives to get rid of the remaining ‘bad eggs’ in our agency,” Dulay said.

Makati City Pabakuna

The “remaining bad eggs”, according to the Commissioner, are officials and employees and examiners who still continue with their corrupt practices. “We hope that the anti-graft probe of the Department of Justice can help us rid of these unscrupulous individuals,” he added.

While we welcome criticisms, complaints and anti-graft probe, it is also our hope that more people would likewise notice the tremendous improvements we have done so far through concerted efforts of revenue offices nationwide. Several taxpayers have already expressed their satisfaction with our services, a manifestation that the changes we have introduced in tax administration have already been felt by a number of taxpayers across the country, as what we have been aiming in our tax campaign theme this year, Tunay na Serbisyo, Ramdam na Pagbabago,” the Commissioner added.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight
Jun I. Legaspi
Reporter, People's Tonight