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BLINK fans cry sabotage as signal jamming frustrates excitement of Blackpink drone show

TELECOMMUNICATION giant Globe prepared a fabulous drone display Friday night to kick off the K-pop group sensation BLACKPINK’s “The Show,” its first ever livestream concert this coming January 31.

Globe aimed at “reinventing the world” of millions of BLINK fans by staging “The Opening Act,” a series of sky light displays last Friday, January 22, 2021 using drones.

Curiously and unfortunately sudden technical glitches started happening 30 minutes before the show. Signals started to fluctuate and at first, five drones lost GPS signal, then all 20 drones went down in just a matter of six minutes.

When the drones lost GPS and satellite signals one by one, the organizers were forced to cancel the show.

Frustrated fans took to social media to express their dismay.
A fan posted “I was excited to see the drone show, so sad it’s been postponed. This is the second time. Is there any act of sabotage to jam the drones?

Another Blink diehard also posted, “Globe wants to give us a good show! This is so unfair! Hindi talaga makatarungan ‘to!

BLACKPINK is the official brand ambassador of Globe.

This is the first time that such an incident happened to an experienced team, especially as each drone has an independent GPS function not connected to the system.

If one to a few drones lost signal, it could mean a malfunction. But for all drones to have no GPS and satellite signals, it may likely be due to a signal jammer nearby, according to the drone expert’s technical report.

To appease disappointed BLINK fans, Globe gave away 1,000 “The Show” tickets to catch the record-breaking K-pop quartet on January 31, 2021.