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Blue Archive celebrates two-year anniversary with new student, commemorative activities

Blue Archive two-year anniversary


  • Powerful new Mythic-type Striker student Kaho of Allied Hyakkiyako Academy makes her debut
  • Nexon’s celebratory two-year anniversary webpage offers limited time contests for players; registration open now until Oct. 30
  • The remainder of Blue Archive’s 2023 roadmap is revealed, with an engaging story, exciting events and peculiar students to come

SEOUL – Oct. 25, 2023 – Renowned anime-style RPG Blue Archive is opening its doors for a mythical new student, Kaho, just in time for a nostalgic two-year anniversary celebration of the mobile game’s launch. To commemorate the special day, Nexon is hosting an interactive webpage where players can join together and reminisce on their time together in Kivotos, Blue Archive’s home city.

In Blue Archive, developed by NEXON Korea Corp., players assume the role of Sensei, an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, Schale. Following the troublesome disappearance of the General Student Council president, Sensei’s mission is to recruit students from Kivotos’ many schools to aid in restoring normalcy to the academy. Players can face off against various enemy forces utilizing strategic combat and a captivating ensemble of characters in this action-packed game.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Kivotos, new students seamlessly introduce fresh dimensions to Blue Archive’s storyline and gameplay. To mark this special anniversary and expand the world of Blue Archive even further, Nexon welcomes the addition of Mythic-type Striker Kaho to the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy. In battle, Kaho’s EX Skill deals powerful damage proportional to her ATK to a single enemy. By her side are unique students Iroha, Kaede and Tsukuyo, who will all be available during Recruitment. Along with Kaho’s introduction, fan-favorite event story “An Unconcealed Heart” makes its return for players to experience again.

Adding to the excitement, several anniversary celebrations abound. Fans can register for Nexon’s exclusive webpage until Monday, Oct. 30 to be rewarded with 1,200 Pyroxene, and participate in three rounds of exhilarating Café Interior contests through Tuesday, Nov. 28. Additionally, players can show off their cafés by submitting screenshots to the official community for a chance to be one of 10 winners to receive 600 Pyroxene each.

Additionally, Blue Archive fans can look forward to several special upcoming features, including:

  • Masquerade Madness – To close out October, Blue Archive is putting on the eventful “Alabaster Calling Card: Mansion Masquerade and the Essence of Beauty” on Tuesday, Oct. 31.
  • Uplifting Event – On Nov. 28, Sensei can dive into another immersive event, “Dragon & Tortoise, Working Together for a Better Future.”
  • Engaging Main Story – In December, the epic Main Story Volume 4: Rabbit of Caerbannog Part 2, “We Were RABBITs!” will be released, along with a variety of debuting students including Aris (Maid), Toki (Bunny) and Miyako (Swimsuit).

In the meantime, Nexon is hosting an exclusive Kivotos live stream on Saturday, Oct. 28 to further celebrate Blue Archive’s two-year anniversary. Fans can tune in as 500 lucky players will visit the IVEX STUDIO in Korea to watch as Executive Project Director Yong Ha Kim and Producer ByungLim Park announce the two-year anniversary event, give sneak peeks on future updates, and share more with the community.

For more information about Blue Archive, players can visit the official communities.

  • 2-Year Anniversary Special Page: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Webpage: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Forum: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Discord: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Twitter: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Facebook: [LINK]

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