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Blue Archive launches highly anticipated update with double the content

Blue Archive Double Content Update

Two event stories, four new student fighters, a 2,400 Pyroxene celebration gift and 10 free recruitments now available for players

SEOUL – Sept. 7, 2022 – Fans of the mobile RPG Blue Archive are invited to explore the festival of love in two event stories: “Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol” and “Kosaka Wakamo’s Silence and Feast,” complete with the long-awaited limited character “Wakamo.” Players will receive a “10-Recuitment Ticket” in celebration of the event stories and have the chance to claim the same gift per day for a total of 100 free character pulls until Tuesday, Sept. 13.

As it’s Valentine’s Day in Kivotos, players will have the opportunity to fall in love with the stories of Sensei and his students as they patrol the festival and experience a sudden ambush by Wakamo.

Hiding her true face beneath her mask, the Sniper Rifle-toting Wakamo is a force to be reckoned with. Known as the “Fox of Calamity” for her destructive behavior, Wakamo is a Mystic-type striker who can accumulate allied damage dealt to targets and deal the stored amount as Mystic damage. Wakamo can be obtained during her Fest Recruitment until Saturday, Sept. 10.

The update also introduces new students Fubuki, Sena and Chihiro. Valkyrie Police School student Fubuki uses an EX Skill that increases her ATK for 46 seconds. She can be obtained by clearing the first episode of “Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol.” The grenade-launcher-wielding Sena heals and increases the ATK of all allies within her radius while Chihiro, the deputy director of the hacker group Veritas, deals powerful damage and stuns enemies if they are a Heavy Armor Defense Type. A Pick-Up recruitment event featuring Sena and Chihiro will continue through Tuesday, Sept. 20 after Wakamo’s Fest Recruitment.

Throughout this update, Nexon is providing various gifts for Blue Archive fans. Those who pre-registered will receive 2,400 in-game currency Pyroxene, an “Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray Choice Ticket” and “Activity Reports” items. If over 500,000 players pre-registered, Nexon will hold a raffle to win handmade chocolate and molds.

Furthermore, a StartDash Login Bonus event will be active following the update. Players who check in before Tuesday, Sept. 13 will receive various prizes, including 10-Recruitment Tickets, a Shiny Bouquet and a Furniture Box.

Continuing the festivities, Nexon will be launching the “Under a Shining Moon, Crimson Shade of Hide and Seek” in-game event from Thursday, Sept. 8 through Sunday, Sept. 18. Players can earn various rewards by completing mission puzzles; the reward list will be revealed on Thursday, September 8.

Details regarding the updates for the Blue Archive event stories “Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol” and “Kosaka Wakamo’s Silence and Feast” can be found on the official forum and social media pages.

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Discord: https://discord.gg/bluearchiveglobal

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