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BOC warns of fake COVID-19 vaccines

THE Bureau of Customs (BOC) has further strengthened its partnership with other local enforcement agencies as it warned of the potential havoc that can be caused by the proliferation of fake, locally produced vaccines against COVID-19.

Assistant Commissioner and BOC spokesman, Atty. Vincent Maronilla, in a talk with People’s Tonight, said they have received information from Chinese authorities about the proliferation of bogus COVID-19 vaccines that actually consist of plain water and salt (saline).

The BOC, Maronilla noted, had previously released a public advisory on the issue of fake vaccines after an advisory from the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) warned government about domestic syndicates and other underground groups trying to take advantage of the huge COVID-19 vaccine market thru the manufacture and distribution of fake vaccines.

Maronilla said that while the bureau’s systems and processes are already in place to expedite the release from customs custody of all imported vaccines contracted by the government, running after local fake producers would mean closer coordination by all law enforcement agencies.

Maronilla further warned the public to be careful in availing vaccines for their own use as fake vaccines can have severe health consequences to users.

Even worst, fake vaccines may not be effective thus further exposing users and their loved ones to the dangers of COVID-19,” he added.