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Boulevard Boyz Motorcycle Club gets SEC approval

Boulevard Boyz

THE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the new registration of the Boulevard Boyz Motorcycle Club or BBMC founded by retired Police General Napoleon Villegas in 2002 to promote friendship and camaraderie among all Pinoy biker clubs and associations.

One of the pioneer bikers’ club in The Philippines, the BBMC was organized by Villegas to help erase the ‘outlaw image’ of some biker groups in the country and at the same time turn them into an association composed fully of motorcycle enthusiasts who are 100 percent law-abiding citizens and fully complying with all driving rules and regulations in particular.

The BBMC which is known for its outreach programs and community service was granted by the SEC a new registration as an entity duly organized and existing under Philippine laws, per SEC Registration No. CN202102481 and Intellectual Property Office/Philippine Trademark Registration application number EFPH202100001632546 last March 4.

Villegas and fellow BBMC organizer Edwin Pranada said that apart from fostering neutrality among all bikers’ clubs in the country, their club which is currently composed of respected and peace-loving motorbike enthusiasts also aims to uplift the Filipino culture of ‘Family First,’ promote awareness on safe driving on public roads with a deep sense of camaraderie and respect to other motorcycle riders, help the poor and the underprivileged, promote peace and order among the riding community and educate the public on how to become responsible motorcycle riders.

The BBMC Clubhouse is conveniently located on No. 1307 Marcelo H. del Pilar, Ermita, Manila.