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Chef Boy Logro and Pastry Chef Aileen Conde share recipes to try at home this lockdown

Chef Boy Logro Omurice Recipe
Recipe for Chef Boy Logro’s Omurice

While dining in your favorite restos is out of the question with the current lockdown, sought after Pinoy chefs Boy Logro and Aileen Conde are sharing a variety of easy-to-recreate recipes in cooking show Solane Kitchen Moments. Discover recipes for the healthy eater, the sweet tooth, and even the kids, together with a handful of tips and tricks from these professional chefs.

If you’re over frying things and want to opt for something healthier, try Logro’s Pinaisang Isda. This recipe makes use of fresh ingredients that can easily be found in your nearest palengke or supermarket – a fish and a colorful selection of vegetables. The renowned chef, who hails from the beautiful island of Biliran in Leyte, opts for Maya Maya as his fish of choice, although you can definitely go for any fish you prefer. Either way, this homey dish made sour by kamias is bound to be a staple in your dining table.

Chef Boy Logro Pinaisang Isda
Chef Boy Logro and his plate of Pinaisang Isda

Meawhile, if you have kids at home and are looking for a palate-friendly recipe, have a go at Logro’s Omurice. Kids can be picky, but this recipe is tried and tested by Logro’s eight grand kids. It’s also a fun way to make the young ones eat their greens and proteins! Want more tips? Top it with banana ketchup to give it that extra sweetness that kids love, and watch the internationally-celebrated chef on Solane Kitchen Moments to discover more ways to further up your kitchen skills!

Another hit among kids (and adults, too) is dessert. And Conde, pastry chef and cake shop Honey Glaze Cakes owner, shares mouthwatering desserts baked to perfection. A successful baker, Conde has served the likes of Sam Pinto and Ruffa Gutierrez. Don’t worry – Conde’s recipes in Solane Kitchen Moments are not as complicated as the 9 feet high wedding cake she made in 2018!

Aileen Conde
Pastry Chef Aileen Conde and her Frozen Mango Chiffon Cake

Instead, choose from two tasty cakes in Solane Kitchen Moments: Frozen Mango Chiffon Cake or Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. If you’re a fan of ice cream cakes, the Frozen Mango Chiffon Cake is a new and leveled up take on a mango float, and Conde’s recipe will give you the know-how to make it extra tasty and fluffy. Plus, it features the country’s pride and joy: mangoes. What else is there to say?

On the other hand, opt for the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake if you’re missing that international classic. A two-layered cake, one generous bite is guaranteed to give you that perfect balance of tang, cream, and fluff with one layer of dulce de leche-flavored cheesecake and a plain cheesecake. And just like Conde, you can top it with pecans or whatever nut you prefer for that extra crunch and texture.

If you’re more of a cookie fan than a cake fan, however, you can always go for Conde’s Double Dutch Cookies. Yes, your favorite ice cream flavor can be made into perfect, chewy, and chocolatey cookies! And this recipe was developed by Conde particularly for Solane Kitchen Moments – so this is definitely one that you nor your family have ever tasted before.

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Recipe
Conde’s Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Recipe

Desserts can be intimidating since they require very specific measurements, temperature, and time. So like Conde, make sure to use gas stoves for better heat management and to choose only Solane LPG for safe and secure kitchen sessions. Watch Conde’s Solane Kitchen Moments episodes, too, to discover some of the pro’s tricks on keeping cakes fluffy, avoiding lumps in your batter, and many more expert advice built upon decades of experience and degrees from international schools. You might just find that secret move to perfect your cookies and cakes that will have the family wanting for more!

Double Dutch Cookies
Pastry Chef Aileen Conde’s Double Dutch Cookies
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