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Bringing Ramadan Happiness to Veterans

The figure, who is in his late twilight, has many stories of the struggle for this nation. In their time, they risked their lives for Indonesia's independence. He is a veteran whose existence we can still find until now.

JAKARTA – If you have ever watched a film of the struggle for independence, or seen a monument to a hero that is a landmark of a place, a dashing impression always appears. Some are depicted brandishing weapons at invaders, riding horses and clenching fists as a symbol of resistance. This is not making it up, because the heroes of the Indonesian nation are in fact. They risked their lives. Some have died on the battlefield with their stories of struggle, there are also those who until now have witnessed the life of this nation to seize independence, or who we commonly know as veterans.

Faqih (103), a freedom fighter in 1945, is now one of the living witnesses. He spends his days accompanied by an old radio which becomes entertainment. Even though he is already in the twilight, he still keeps many stories of his struggles through a notebook and black and white photos.

However, the heroic stories of veterans do not guarantee their lives in a prosperous old age. Like Faqih who lives alone in a corner of the city of Bandung. His life is lonely, not as busy as the previous struggles. The house is also unfit for habitation. He is not alone, around 25 percent of the more than 27 thousand Legion of Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia in West Java live in conditions that are far from prosperous. Some of them even live in wooden houses and booths because they do not have money.

Starting from the concern about seeing this reality, in the moment of Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) tries to bring the best to veterans. In Bandung, in collaboration with 45 Volunteer Volunteers, ACT greets the freedom fighters of this country whose economic conditions are underprivileged. Apart from relating the story of the struggle, ACT also handed over a package of happiness as a token of appreciation for the struggles of veterans. The distribution is carried out for veterans who are spread across the city of Bandung, such as Cilengkrang, Mandalajati, Rancasari, and Cibiru Districts.

“We present the Ramadan package as a manifestation of our respect and gratitude to veterans. Through the Bandung Lautan Dermawan program, this action was carried out well with the support of the wider community, ”said Head of ACT Bandung Branch Trisna Adi Permana, Tuesday (4/5/2021).

Chants of prayers and thanks came from veterans. Until the end of Ramadan, ACT will continue to extend its kindness to these fighters. The wider community can also take part in this act of kindness with ACT.

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