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Brownout? Stay connected with Globe MyFi LTE and LTE-A

Power outages could be an inconvenience especially now that most are working or learning from home and heavily dependent on internet connectivity. With Globe’s pocket WiFi devices MyFi LTE and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), these help ease one’s worries so power interruptions don’t interrupt what needs to be done for school, work, or life.

These nifty devices from Globe are the best companions to have in case of emergencies–like sudden power outages. Stay connected and experience Globe’s reliable and ultra-fast LTE speeds with these pocket-sized powerhouse gadgets.

“Our Globe MyFi devices are necessary instruments to have on-hand so Filipinos experience affordable and reliable internet connection wherever and whenever they need it,” said Darius Delgado, Globe Vice President and Head of Broadband Group. “In times like this, staying online is more important than ever as it enables us to continue learning, working, and in the case of power outages or interruptions, stay informed and reachable.”

Brownout MyFiGlobe MyFi LTE is a personal WiFi device that lets you experience speeds up to 42Mbps and that lasts up to 48 hours in a single charge. It’s portability allows you to charge it through an emergency power supply such as a power bank so you enjoy more connectivity for longer periods of time. These are perfect for students who need to constantly be online to do research for their modules and assignments or be in constant communication with their group mates for projects.

For those who consume more data and are in frequent Zoom meetings and send data-heavy files and documents for work, Globe MyFi LTE-A is what they need. This rechargeable personal hotspot is built in with a 3300mAh battery and provides hours of Globe mobile internet that can reach speeds up to 100Mbps! Plus, it has a screen where you can see the WiFi signal strength, battery level, and time at a glance.

Globe MyFi LTE is priced at Php 899 but is currently available for only Php 799 at Globe Online Store until June 30, while MyFi LTE-A is at Php 1899. Both devices at these price points come with FREE Sur4All99 which gives users 9GB all-access data valid for seven days.

Globe offers a lot of affordable promos to choose from with big data allocations. From their HomeSurf promos starting at HomeSurf99 with 10GB data up to HomeSurf999 up to 100Gb of data. There’s also their “On-The-Go” promos like Surf4All99, Surf4All 249, or GoPlus99.

Loading and reloading is easy as customers can do it via Globe website, GlobeOne or GCAsh apps, Autoload Max o Share-A-Load, or even online banking. They may also purchase Globe call cards available from most convenience stores and partner retailers nationwide.

Both devices are available through the Globe Online Shop, as well as Globe’s Lazada and Shopee official stores. These are also available in Globe Stores nationwide and customers may visit the branch nearest them.

With Globe MyFi LTE and LTE-A, #CarryMoNaLahat — even with power interruptions!

For more information, visit: https://www.globe.com.ph/prepaid/myfi-lte

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