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BT Patrollers: A new brand of volunteerism

BT Patrollers
Members of T’Boli environmental youth group Environment Stewards Organization (ESO) hold up BT Patroller placard. Photo by Rebo Salvalosa.

In line with the celebration of Philippine Environment Month this June, environmental watchdog group BAN Toxics revives its volunteer program through the launch of “BT Patrollers.”

The Bantay Toxics Patrollers (BT Patrollers) is the new external arm of the organization’s advocacy, campaign, and network-building initiatives through volunteerism. BT Patrollers are composed of individuals who share and support BAN Toxics’ advocacies and goals.

It is a volunteer effort that will serve as a means to communicate news alert information, share knowledge, and initiate collaborative action on different advocacies and campaigns of the organization. Through the formation of the BT Patrollers group, BAN Toxics seeks to promote public awareness and response on several health and environmental issues concerning chemicals, wastes, and plastics, including gender, social justice and human rights.

BT Patroller - Mary Kate San Juan
BT Patroller Mary Kate San Juan holds up BT Patroller placard during BAN Toxics’ press briefing on the launch of their alternatives study on mercury-added products last June 22, 2022.

“The BT Patrollers volunteer program gave me the means to protect the environment and the people from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals and wastes. We must encourage more people to join the fight for a safe environment,” says BT Patroller Mary Kate San Juan.

By reviving their volunteer program, BAN Toxics intends to provide individuals who share a passion for environmental justice with a means to advocate for their rights to a safe and healthy environment, especially against toxic chemicals and wastes.

“Raising public awareness is not enough to protect human health and the environment. We must provide the space and avenue for the people, especially the youth, to help fight for their rights to a safe and healthy environment,” says Thony Dizon, Toxics Campaigner of BAN Toxics.

“We must empower them by amplifying their voices so they can be heard better.” BAN Toxics added.

BAN Toxics - Press Briefing on MAPs Alternatives
Volunteer mothers join BT Patrollers during BAN Toxics’ press briefing on the launch of their alternatives study on mercury-added products last June 22, 2022.

BAN Toxics further formalized the BT Patrollers by initiating a symbolic pledge of commitment to all the volunteers:

  • To believe, embrace, and share the vision of BAN Toxics, that is, a toxics-free world where people promote environmental justice, uphold human rights, and foster sustainable development;
  • To offer time voluntarily for the environment, and be a vehicle for news alert, information exchange, knowledge sharing both offline and online, and foster public awareness and response on health and environmental issues, chemical and waste management, ASGM issues, gender, social justice and human rights and will;
  • To share information/updates/latest with photos including photo caption through social media sites (Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to BAN Toxics;
  • To help in spreading BAN Toxics advocacy and digital campaign information i.e. ASGM activities, Toxics and Waste issues, press releases, and social media materials;
  • To act as volunteer watchdog for toxic and waste issues that may necessitate action from BAN Toxics;
  • To take preventive and precautionary action – individually or collectively– on pressing toxic and waste concerns;
  • To support the reduction of plastic pollution by my very best to Refuse single-use plastics and sachets; Reduce what I use; Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture and Repurpose what I have, and Recycle and Recover plastic thrash; and
  • To support environmental and conservation projects and programs for our Mother Earth and climate change mitigation through: energy efficiency and conservation programs, water conservation programs, pollution prevention programs, and greening programs.

BAN Toxics encourages everyone to be a BT Patroller and help protect the people and the environment by sharing your own stories and news alerts on toxic chemicals and wastes. Interested individuals may contact BAN Toxics through our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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