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Call to remove ads of illegal mercury-laden skin lightening creams

Mercury Laden Skin Lightening Creams BAN Toxics

BAN Toxics made the final call to remove ads of FDA-banned mercury-laden skin lightening creams following a week-long monitoring of BAN Toxics’ BT Patrollers after the 6.6 Mega Sale of online shopping platforms.

In a letter sent to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on June 6, the group reported over 100 ads of illegal mercury-added skin lightening creams across online marketplaces in the Philippines. The following skin lightening products are still being offered for sale despite FDA bans from 2010 to 2021:

  • C Collagen Plus Vit E Day & Night Cream (FDA Advisory No.2021-0646)
  • Erna Cream (FDA Advisory No. 2013-053)
  • Golden Pearl Cream (FDA Advisory No. 2013-053-A)
  • Goree Products (Beauty Cream and Day & Night Beauty Cream) (FDA Advisory No. 2017-289)
  • Jiaoli Products (Huichunsu Specific Eliminating Freckle Cream and Miraculous Cream) (FDA Circular No. 2010-004)
  • Parley Goldie Advanced Beauty Cream (FDA Advisory No.2021-3043)
  • Szitang Products (2in1/3in1 7day/10day Whitening, and Spot-Day Night Set) (FDA Circular No. 2010-011)

FDA responded that “they have communicated with the online platforms to take down the online postings for the aforementioned products.”

BAN Toxics coordinated the results of the online monitoring of mercury-added skin lighteners to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to urge the agency to take necessary action under the Republic Act 7394, otherwise known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines. The Consumer Act of the Philippines is the policy of the state to protect the interests of the consumer, promote their general welfare, establish standards of conduct for business and industry, and implement measures to protect consumers against hazards to health and safety.

“We will continuously monitor online shopping sites for banned and prohibited products such as mercury-added skin lightening creams and we will diligently report this to regulatory agencies to protect consumers from toxic exposure,” said Thony Dizon, Toxics Campaigner of BAN Toxics.

“We further urge the government to enforce the 2020 phase-out period on Mercury-Added Products on skin lightening creams,” BAN Toxics added.

BAN Toxics
BAN Toxics is an environmental organization that works for the advancement of environmental justice, health, and sustainable development in the area of chemicals and wastes, with a special focus on women, children, and other marginalized sectors.