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Can I trust an online bank?

Online Bank Account

There are different ways to open a business account in Europe. Many business people are used to work with traditional banks, even if they consider them old-fashioned and are tired because of their bureaucracy and loads of paperwork.

However, there is another option that is gaining popularity in Slovakia. We are talking about an online bank or similar financial service. They provide the same essential functions. For example, they can open a business account and give their clients many useful benefits.

One can open a business account in EUR, USD, GBP while staying at home and operating it from any place anytime. If it sounds great for you, read further about an online bank and its advantages.

Why an online bank appears and gains popularity?

Frankly speaking, we observe how all the world around us is moving towards an online mode. It is true for Europe and other regions of our planet.

Logically, the proper financial service must be present on the Internet to give the opportunity for purchases and other activities of companies. At this point, the idea of an online bank appeared and was introduced into life.

Nowadays, you can find an online bank that is just an online version of the traditional one. Also, there are financial organizations like genome.eu that provide additional services and useful features, avoiding tiresome bureaucracy that can be present even in the online bank.

How to open a business account in an online bank?

If you have chosen a modern way to manage your company and its finances in EUR, USD, or GBP, first of all, select a trustworthy organization. Whether it is an online bank or other institution, it must guarantee:

  • the security of your money;
  • the safety of the provided data;
  • the swift service with around-the-clock support.

If the company meets these requirements, you can open a business account in it without hesitation. The procedure will be quite simple and fast. For example, in Genome Account:

  1. Select the action that you wish to do, i.e., to open a business account.
  2. Verify your identity.
  3. Provide the documents that prove the activity and legality of your company.

The application is considered for no more than 72 hours, and then you can start to enjoy the account, receive money, transfer them and do all other necessary transactions in a few clicks.

Open a business account and benefit from it

Online Bank Account

When you open a business account in a modern financial organization, you save your time and money. The numerous advantages are guaranteed for you as a client.

The Genome Account, according to https://blog.genome.eu/ provides the following benefits:

  • creation of multiple accounts in different currencies and favorable pricing policy for exchange;
  • international payments and templates for regular transactions;
  • real-time notifications via the app, together with the ability to control the funds and receive money no matter where you are;
  • access for the employees and team members that makes the managing of the account convenient and easy;
  • the referral program with bonuses in case someone joins the company after your recommendation;
  • transparent and affordable prices for all the transactions inside the system, no hidden fees;
  • in-depth analytics and reports about your account and funds that are generated automatically.

In a nutshell, here we have discussed the basics of why it is worth opening a business account online. Of course, you need to trust the organization that you choose. For this purpose, check it properly, contact the support team, and search for reviews and opinions of other clients.

The modern banking system was designed to make your life easier, and it can be perfectly done in case if you choose a reliable financial institution.

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