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Can’t be choosy with jobs during pandemic

AT first, I was unsure how to react to a story about an airline forging a partnership with a fastfood chain to provide additional income for its employees including cabin crew amid the pandemic.

I can’t stop imagining a female flight attendant in my doorstep to deliver my meal.

Current and former employees of AirAsia Philippines were recently given the opportunity to earn extra income. The carrier’s logistics arm, Teleport, inked a partnership with Golden Arches Development Corporation (McDonald’s Philippines).

AirAsia Philippines spokesperson Steve Dailisan said they opened the opportunity to all their former and present employees to support them while they gear towards recovery in the airline business.

During days off or when there are no flight schedules, the airline’s employees who have registered to Teleport will accommodate deliveries.

One example is Peachy Baysa, a senior cabin crew and checker who does part time deliveries for Teleport. On top of her regular salary as cabin crew, she also gets paid for additional duties at Teleport.

Teleport has its own riders, but the AirAsia employees have the option to engage on a part time basis only.

Initially, Teleport is servicing Pasay and Parañaque branches of McDonald’s. AirAsia is looking forward to cater to all McDonald’s branches across Southeast Asia.

A venture under AirAsia Digital, Teleport was founded in 2018 to move goods and e-commerce in Southeast Asia.

At the signing of memorandum of agreement between AirAsia Philippines and Golden Arches Development Corporation on Monday, McDonald’s Philippines chief executive officer Kenneth Yang said despite the rapid growth of food delivery, he believes there are areas that are still underserved.

Yang lauded AirAsia for giving its employees, especially those affected by the pandemic, the opportunity to earn extra.

Teleport will be given the same training that McDonald’s Philippines provides to its riders. Safety protocols will also be followed.

About 10 AirAsia cabin crew, pilots and ground staff took part when the partnership kicked off early this week.

One can order, pay and track their deliveries still through the McDonald’s channels.

As to my take on this tale, I have seen so many cases of our countrymen affected by the global health crisis grabbing every opportunity to earn and survive.

Those who were choosy lost to the outbreak miserably.

I commend the partnership made by AirAsia and McDonalds. I salute all the AllStar (that’s how they call AirAsia employees) who joined the program because they chose to fight the pandemic.

And so I’ll stop having meals cooked at home for the meantime and try ordering food from McDonalds. Who knows, one tall and pretty flight attendant might knock on my door to make my day.


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