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Caritas Philippines to Filipinos: Celebrate Democracy with True Patriotism

NASSA Caritas Philippines

As the Philippines commemorates the Day of Valor on August 9, and National Heroes’ Day on August 29, Caritas Philippines reminds Filipinos of the importance of developing young critical minds to instill true patriotism.

According to Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo, national director of Caritas Philippines, and an educator, “we need to train Filipino children to ask questions, and encourage them to be curious about life, so that they will appreciate learning, which we hope will lead to a deeper understanding of our history and identity, and love of country.”

Caritas Philippines concretizes this firm support for youth and family development through its two flagship Alay Kapwa Legacy Stewardship Programs, Alay para sa Kabataan (Educational Assistance and Community Schooling Programs) and Alay para sa Kalusugan (Family Feeding Program).

“These programs do not only provide assistance to academically challenged students and better access to healthy, nutritious, and sufficient food but also aim to contribute to the integral development of the Filipino families enrolled in the program,” said Fr. Antonio Labiao, executive secretary of the national Caritas.

Moreover, “the scholars have monthly sessions focused on faith, personality development, social responsibility, and good citizenship formation,” according to Fr. Labiao.

He added that “it is imperative for Caritas Philippines to contribute distinctly to the formation of the Filipino social and moral conscience, especially in the midst of rampant misinformation and propaganda which can easily sway the minds of the vulnerable youth. We recognized that we can only do this through education and empowerment of families.”

Caritas Philippines also recognizes the power and influence of the media on children. Thus it is vital to expose them to educational platforms like film.

In a statement, Bishop Bagaforo, also the prelate of Kidapawan, encourages the Filipino public to watch Katips, an award-winning film set during the turbulent era of Martial Law, and follows the struggles of students during the dictatorship.

“Part of our duty to defend truth is to spread and hold on to accurate information even in the entertainment platform. I believe that the movie Katips not only brings us to what truly happened during Martial Law, it will also help us harness that inner voice celebrating our well-fought struggles to restore democracy.”

Katips is still showing in major cinemas nationwide.

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