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CDC Ph presents evidence that vaccination has impact on recorded excess deaths

Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines - CDC Ph

February 08, 2022 – Manila, Philippines – The Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDC Ph) is pushing for further investigation on the reported increase in what it described as “excess deaths” of more than 180,000 Filipinos recorded from March to September 2021, saying that this coincided with the roll-out of mass vaccination last year.

During a press conference held last February 2, the group presented an analysis of the latest data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), suggesting a strong temporal relationship between mass vaccination and excess deaths in the population.

According to Dr. Rafael Castillo, a cardiologist at Manila Doctors and past member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Medicine Hospital, “excess death” is defined as the number of deaths beyond what would be normally expected in the population had a crisis, such as this COVID-19 pandemic, not occurred.

“Based on available preliminary data, the excess deaths are much more than what could be accounted for due to COVID-19 deaths alone. In the Philippines, for example, discounting the actual number of deaths due to COVID-19 as reported by the Department of Health (DOH), the data indicate that the spikes in excess deaths coincide with the roll-out of mass vaccination last year. There were apparently more excess deaths, as reported by the PSA, as more vaccinations were given. No such magnitude of deaths was noted in the whole of 2020, and in January and February of 2021, when we were already grappling with several COVID-19 variants and surges, but no vaccination yet,” Castillo explained.

CDC PH Data Graph
This graph shows the correlation of the number of vaccinations given (in red) with the number of excess deaths (in blue). The excess deaths were not significant in January and February 2021, and became notable starting in March, progressively increasing up to September 2021 (last available data)

Dr. Benigno “Iggy” Agbayani Jr., past President of CDC Ph said, “Something is causing the sudden deaths of thousands of Filipinos starting March 2021. With 180,000 excess deaths from March to September 2021, this may be the deadliest seven months on record in the Philippines, more than a year after COVID-19 started. This massive surge of excess deaths is highly correlated with vaccination roll-out and must therefore be stopped and investigated now.”

“Mandatory investigation, not mandatory vaccination”

Castillo also reiterated that the data does not conclude that mass vaccination is the “definite” cause of excess deaths, but it strongly suggests and mandates that any responsible public health official should not just ignore this or dismiss it outright as fake news.

“Our health officials should investigate thoroughly to determine what might have caused the excess deaths of more than 180,000 Filipinos from March to September 2021, based on government data. It boils down to one excess death for every 250 vaccine shots,” said Castillo.

“The data, though not conclusive, eloquently speaks for itself. It raises a red flag on the actual impact of mass vaccination, which needs to be thoroughly investigated by an independent panel of experts. The mass vaccination, especially on healthy children, adolescents, and adults—including nonseniors with no comorbidities—should be suspended until mass vaccination is ruled out as the cause of the excess deaths,” he added.

Castillo also shared that although there is no data yet for the last quarter of 2021, if the correlation of excess deaths with a number of mass vaccination is maintained, and considering the ramped-up vaccination campaigns in the last quarter, it is predicted that the excess deaths for 2021 could reach more than 450,000.

CDC PH Data Graph
If the correlation between the number of vaccinations and excess deaths from March to September 2021 is maintained, it is projected that the number of excess deaths from October to December 2021 will be correspondingly higher, and the predicted total excess deaths for 2021 might reach 451,860. —DATA FROM PHILIPPINE STATISTICS AUTHORITY and DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH; graphs FROM Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines.

CDC Ph also urged President Rodrigo Duterte to defer to the sovereign welfare of his people by invoking the supreme law—Salus Populi est suprema lex (the health and welfare of the people are the supreme law)—and urgently mandate his health officials to look into this matter seriously, and defer mass vaccination until there are definitive answers as to what is causing such unprecedented excess deaths.

“Stop all vaccinations immediately until a more thorough data collection and independent analysis can prove beyond doubt these experimental vaccines are safe. Stop the bleeding from the most obvious and controllable source,” Agbayani stated.

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