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CEB offers free correction of flight booking details

NOW, updating information when using online booking is made easier.

While the old system has it that requests to correct misspelled names and other details are often raised through the airline’s call center and chat support, Cebu Pacific (CEB), which happens to be the country’s leading budget carrier, now has an added feature that will ensure an improved customer experience with faster resolution of their concerns.

“We have been enhancing our contactless experience and accelerating our digital initiatives because these provide quicker and safer options for our passengers. Our customers remain at the heart of our business, so you can expect more enhancements from us that further support and enable a self-service journey for everyone,” said Candice Iyog, CEB vice president for Marketing and Customer Experience.

Iyog also assures that CEB continues to add self-service features to its online Manage Booking portal, to make it more convenient for travelers. Passengers can now easily update their information, including name, birthday, nationality and salutations through cebupacificair.com.

Under the new scheme, she said that CEB passengers will now be able to make corrections to their first or last name within 24 hours from the time the booking is made, as long as they have not yet checked in for the flight.

This does not make bookings transferrable, but having this feature enables guests to easily correct details on their own, making the whole experience hassle-free.

Similarly, information such as birthdate, nationality, and salutations may also be corrected one time, at no cost. These may be updated until two hours before scheduled time of departure, prior to checking in for the flight.

In cases of change of birth year resulting to an upgrade in passenger classification, such as infant to child or child to adult, corresponding fees may be paid online as well.

For information that need to be updated due to legal reasons, such as change in civil status, guests will only be required to submit documents supporting such for manual processing of the airline’s agents.

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Requests may be submitted through https://bit.ly/CEBrequest.

Apart from the above, passengers may also update their contact information and addresses multiple times as necessary, provided that they have not yet checked-in for their flights. All the above can be modified easily through https://bit.ly/CEBmanageflight. All that one has to do is fill out necessary details on the Manage Booking page, then select which flight you’d want to modify. Click on “Update Guest Details” and choose which item you need to update, and click continue until done.

Meanwhile, for more information on Contactless Flight Guidelines, increased safety measures, network, travel document requirements, FAQs and the like, Iyog said one may visit https://bit.ly/CEBFlightReminders.


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