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Celebrating History: Valenzuela Unveils Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela

Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela
The Quadricentennial House of Dr. Pio Valenzuela Now Became a Museum

Honoring Dr. Pio Valenzuela’s life, heroism and patriotism: Along with the celebration of Valenzuela City’s 25th Charter Day, the newly reconstructed Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela (Dr. Pio Valenzuela Museum) located at Barangay Pariancillo Villa was formally opened to the public, February 14, 2023.

Originally built in the 19th century, the house of Dr. Pio Valenzuela is one of the most important structures in the city, which symbolizes our city hero’s courage, leadership, and selfless service to his fellowmen.

The City Government of Valenzuela, led by then Mayor and now DSWD Secretary REX Gatchalian was entrusted by the Valenzuela family to preserve the house and the legacy of the great Dr. Pio Valenzuela.

On October 30, 2013, a meeting between the heirs of the registered owners and the City Government of Valenzuela was held at the residence of Mrs. Lovely Romulo, which led to the agreement of donating the lot to the city for the purpose of preserving the memory of the hero and restoring the trace of the history of their home. On July 19, 2019, in time with the 150th birth anniversary of Dr. Pio Valenzuela, Arc Lico International Services presented the proposed design to the Valenzuela Family, and in 2021, the reconstruction of the prewar house and the curatorial development of the museum were started.

Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela
The protracted wait is over; the museum is currently open to the public: In conjunction with Valenzuela City’s 25th Charter Day celebration, City Mayor WES Gatchalian led the inauguration and opening of the Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela together with Vice Mayor Lorie Natividad-Borja, NHCP OIC-Executive Director Carmine Arevalo, and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Deputy Governor Bernadette Fatima Romulo-Puyat, along with the city councilors, held at Barangay Pariancillo Villa, February 14, 2023. During the inauguration, the historical marker was unveiled and formally turned over by NHCP to the city government. This endeavor was undertaken in recognition of Dr. Valenzuela’s heroism during the revolt against the Spaniards’ Era of Colonialism when he battled for the freedom of the Philippines. (Mico Querbrar, Photo/Text)

The historic night began with the ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by the unveiling of the historical marker from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), and the inauguration of the museum, led by Mayor WES Gatchalian, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Deputy Governor Bernadette Fatima Romulo-Puyat representing the Valenzuela family, and National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) OIC – Executive Director Ms. Carminda Arevalo.

During the program, visitors were toured inside the museum to experience nostalgia, a journey down memory lane to reminisce the life of Dr. Pio Valenzuela. Inside the hall are the old tools and equipment originally used by Dr. Valenzuela, furniture that were restored allowing the past and the present period to meet.

Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela

The new museum was restored into four sections which are as follows:

  1. Balangkas ng Buhay
  2. Haligi ng Katipunan
  3. Guho at Gunita
  4. Muhon ng Bayan

The newly inaugurated heritage site is an addition to the existing cultural, heritage, and tourism sights in the city. With this, the City Government aims to provide more sightseeing spaces bringing the Valenzuelanos closer to their historical roots. The momentous event also kick-started the city’s festivities for the upcoming Polo 400 Celebration this coming November.

Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela

Descendants of Dr. Pio Valenzuela, namely BSP Deputy Governor Bernadette Fatima Romulo-Puyat, Pasig City Congressman Roman Romulo and his wife former Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad-Romulo, Architect Arturo Valenzuela, Pasig City Councilor Simon Romulo, artist Olivia d’Aboville and the rest of the Valenzuela Family were recognized as the special guests of the night.

Also present during the inauguration were Architect Gerard Lico, the one who reimagined the home of Dr. Pio Valenzuela, Vice Mayor Lorie Natividad-Borja, Councilors Marlon Alejandrino, Chiqui Carreon, Cris Feliciano, Sel Sabino-Sy, Mickey Pineda, Gerald Galang, Ramon Encarnacion, Ghogo Deato-Lee, Pariancillo Villa Punong Barangay Wilfredo Panes, and other Barangay officials.

Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela

Rev. Fr. Francis Carson officiated the blessing of the museum.

The Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela is open to the public beginning February 15, 2023, Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Admission is free.

For museum tour reservations and bookings for groups of 20 persons and above, please send an email to [email protected].

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