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Celebrating life amid the pandemic: 9 Valenzuelano Centenarians Receive Cash Incentives from Valenzuela City

Valenzuelano Centenarians
The kin of 103-year-old Arsenio Ocampo from Barangay Coloong receives his cash incentive from the City Government of Valenzuela today, November 05, at the Valenzuela City Hall. Lolo Arsenio is the oldest living centenarian in Valenzuela City. (Resty Robert Castro/VC PIO)

In recognition of their long life etched in Valenzuela City’s history, a total of nine (9) centenarian residents, represented by their kin, receive their cash incentives from the City Government of Valenzuela today, November 05, at the Valenzuela City Hall.

The local government has been giving out cash incentives to its centenarian residents since 2016 through Ordinance No. 300 or the “Centenarian Ordinance of Valenzuela City”. From PhP 20,000 each, the City raised this to PhP 50,000 last year as amended by Ordinance No. 652.

This cash incentive is different from the incentive centenarians receive from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) wherein they also get PhP 100,000 each mandated by the Centenarians Act of 2016.

Aside from the PhP 50,000 cash incentive, Valenzuela’s centenarian residents also received food packs and vitamins from the Alliance of Senior Citizens of Valenzuela City.

Today’s distribution was filled with stories and updates from the kin of the centenarian beneficiaries, who, for the second time since the pandemic, are the ones who received the cash incentives on behalf of the centenarian to keep their “Lolo’s” and “Lola’s” safe at home.

Out of the nine (9) centenarians, two (2) have already passed away this year but were still able to receive their cash incentives as they are still qualified and can be awarded posthumously. Based on the City’s records, it now has seven (7) living centenarians – one each from Barangays Coloong, Wawang Pulo, Mapulang Lupa, Malinta, and Ugong, and two (2) from Barangay Karuhatan.

For Mr. Braulio Garcia, kin of centenarian Faustina Garcia, the cash incentive will be used to pay for the remaining interment fee of his mother who was bedridden for more than two (2) years before passing away last July 2020 at 103 years old. His mother has been receiving cash incentives from the City Government since 2018 when she turned 100 years old, starting from PhP 20,000 then at PhP 50,000.

“Dito sa Valenzuela kada taon, mayroon [cash incentive]… Second time na ito na makakatanggap kami ng singkwenta mil, last year at saka ngayon,” Mr. Garcia said.

The oldest living centenarian is 103-year-old Arsenio Ocampo from Barangay Coloong. According to Ms. Yumie Ocampo, daughter of Lolo Arsenio, the centenarian is still “celebrating life at home and lives an active lifestyle with the love for food”, with the cash incentive serving as a means to buy his father’s food cravings as well as his medications.

“’Yung cash is para pang-maintenance, para sa high blood niya, sa hilo, sa prostate niya at diaper, at sa iba pang mga gusto niyang pagkain at prutas… Mahilig kasi siya sa pagkain,” Ms. Ocampo happily shared.

Valenzuelano Centenarians
Valenzuela City Mayor REX Gatchalian personally hands out the cash incentives worth
PhP 50,000 to the kin or representatives of the centenarians, Novemeber 05. (Resty
Robert Castro/VC PIO)

Meanwhile, Valenzuela City Mayor REX Gatchalian also reminded the kin of the beneficiaries, as well as every Valenzuelano, to have senior citizens vaccinated against COVID-19 for them to be protected as they represent a very vulnerable population prone to be infected by the virus.

“I send my regards to our dear centenarians at home… Let this cash incentive from your city government help you sustain your needs as you further reach your golden years. You are a part of Valenzuela City’s history and this incentive is our way of saying ‘thank you’ as we celebrate your life here in Valenzuela City,” Mayor REX said.

For qualified centenarians who have yet to receive their cash incentives, the City’s Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) provides the guidelines before being recognized for the incentive following proper documentation, identification, and submission of authentic documents.

The centenarian must be duly registered to OSCA, must be a bonafide resident of Valenzuela City certified by the barangay captain, must be living in Valenzuela City for not less than two (2) years, and at the time he or she has reached the age of 100, he or she must be alive and the fact of his or her existence must be duly registered with OSCA.

For the availment of cash incentive, the centenarian must submit an authenticated PSA copy of Certificate of Live Birth or from the Local Civil Registrar, OSCA identification card, or any valid government-issued ID showing his or her age and residence.

For inquiries, contact the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) at 8352-1000.


Valenzuelano Centenarians

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