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Celebrities’ daughters who are now transmen

Ricky Davao
Ricky Davao and daughter Rikki Mae

WHAT do Ricky Davao, Ian Veneracion, Leandro Munoz and Kaye Brosas have in common? They all have daughters who came out of the closet and became transmen, just like Ice Seguerra and Jake Xyrus.

Ian Veneracion
Ian Veneracion and daughter Deidre

When Ricky learned her daughter Rikki Mae (his second child with former wife Jackielou Blanco), he accepted it right away. “Nagulat lang ako, pero hindi nagalit,” he said. “The bottomline is still respect. I’m a very cool dad and told her anuman ang gusto mo, gawin mo. Magulang ako, e. I’m just very supportive kung anuman ang gusto niyang gawin.”

Ian’s daughter is named Deidre and she was 16 when she confided to her dad that she likes other girls. She’s crying saying sorry, but he told her: “It’s okay. Don’t be apologetic about it, not even to me. You can be whoever you want to be you’ll have my full support.”

K Brosas
K Brosas and daughter Crystal

K Brosas said her daughter Crystal came out when she was in high school and she told her child: “Anak, kahit anukapa, kahit halamang dagat ka, mamahalin kita.”

In GMA Artist Center online show, “Just In” hosted by Paolo Contis, Leandro said his daughter Cheska came out to him when she was 16 years old and he supported her (now him) all the way. She’s now known as Frankie.

Leandro Munoz
Leandro Munoz & daughter Frankie

“This is something I will never ever hide from the public or anyone should hide from the public because this is a serious matter,” Leandro tells Paolo. “At 16, she’s crying, sabi niya I need help, maybe from a psychiatrist. I asked why and it’s because attracted daw siya sa same sex. I told her ‘There’s nothing wrong with you. If that’s what make you happy, then, go with what you feel.’ My point here is kailangan talaga i-support natin what makes our children happy. After she told me about it, hindi na siya nasa closet, hindi na siya nagtago. He came out. Now he’s 26 years old and a transman. He’s very very happy. My message to everyone, kung meron kayong anak na who’s trying to come out, just support. Give your 100 percent support.”

Their kids are really fortunate because they encountered no resistance at all from their respective parents who understood them instantly and accepted them unconditionally, unlike other gays who were repressed and even physically abused by some traditional and very conservative parents.


Publication Source :    People's Journal
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